Good Food and Wine show by Katherine

by newintstudents

This years Good Food and Wine show is the first that I have been to. The last few times I tried to go but I had exams during those times. It  is on now until the 10th of June 2013 at the Melbourne Exhibition centre. I bought my tickets online just to save myself some time from waiting in the queues. And gosh there were so many people and queues today. I also did get lots and lots of cash out before I arrived there as Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre has got very few atms.

The Good food and Wine show was awesome. Here I tried many different samples and explored the cheese alley. Gosh there was so much cheese on offer.

There was also quite a few free classes on offer such as the Barilla Pasta Class where I made pasta with Sally. Here we learnt how to make pasta with mussels and clams. Sally has never had mussels before but I have. At the end we got to eat what we made. We also got the goody bag to take home free of charge. In it was the pasta sauce, a box of pasta and a spatula.  Sally got the apron seeing as she was cooking the pasta. For those that love to have dinner at 7pm at night, don’t take the 3:30pm class as you won’t have any room for dinner. Best to take the 12pmish class and then you could have pasta for lunch (yay! free lunch). Oh and get there 15 minutes beforehand as the class gets really full really quickly. There is only limited spaces.

There was also a dining voucher ( I think it was $60) to be won for Scusami (an Italian restaurant in the city).

We both went to Julie Goodwin’s masterclass at 2:15pm. There was heaps of people there and you have to book this beforehand when you buy the tickets. The celebrity chef demonstrations is included in the ticket price. Here we learned that making party food is simple and cost effective. Here we learnt how to make Thai chicken balls with two sauces, buffalo wings and gazpacho (a cold tomato soup perfect for that summers day).

There were also prizes to be won there too, such as the signed copies of Julie’s books and the goody bags just by dancing on stage.

I also sampled the Boscastle pies. I have always wanted to go to their factory but it is too far out of the way for me and I haven’t had the time. I got the 4 mini pies for $7 and they were all meat pies. But they were yummy. They were nice without the sauce. I loved how they were filling.

Sally said that she liked her pretzel that she bought at stall.

I also tried the coffee from Nespresso. There was also free coffee from Citibank but it was too late in the day for me to try.

Citibank are running a competition where if you sign up for them you could win a dining voucher. If you are already with them and use their card when dining out you could receive a free bottle of wine.

Chattime (a tea chain) had a special on their teas. All the teas were just $3. I bought a green tea and apple flavoured one. It was just ok. Chattime also gave out some promotions for their stores such as free toppings and 20% off.

 I don;t drink wine but they have many different wines on offer. Neither does Sally. So we avoided the wine section like the plague.

But we did try all sorts of food from ham to cereals and Chia seeds. I even bought some stuff to take home. I bought a pack of Chia seeds ($7), chocolate from Pana’s chocolates ($5), Piranha’s 2 for $5 chips and some ready made meals for $8 altogether from the St Dalafour’s stall.

Other things which we did not get to try (due to costs and time constraints) are the Lifestyle table, the YUM Kitchen and the VIP area. Oh and the restaurant (by then we were too full for that).

It was a great day out and for what it is worth, its something worth spending the $27/$28 (for RACV members like myself) on. We’d do this again next year. Hopefully if we earn a bit more money we can try some of the other fun things out.