Lunch @Akachochin

by newintstudents

Akachochin has been opened for nearly about a year now but I have yet to try the place. About 26 other bloggers have mentioned how good the food is. When it first opened I was very apprehensive about going because there looked really expensive, but when I read that there was a lunch deal I went.

They are outside the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre so if you have events in there you can always come here and relax.

Inside the restaurant looks like a fine dining area and I love that ambiance about it. I loved watching the sushi chef hard at work at the bar.

They share bathrooms with BangPop (their next door neighbor) and they are up a flight of stairs.

Like every other restaurant (in the area that is)  they are licensed. Here they sell Japanese wine and beers.

The service was friendly and very attentive. And yes you can wear jeans to the place. The staff spoke Japanese

Here they have the $20 weekday lunch special. You have a choice of rice with terriyaki chicken or chirashi with udon noodles. I had the chirashi one and boy it was filling. It included udon with wagyu beef, but since I don’t eat a lot of meat, they were happy to accommodate me. It came with a small side plate of pickles and lots of ginger.

I also had their tamago sushi ($6 for two big pieces) and green tea ($5- but they always refilled the pot and the pot was huge). Tamago is a Japanese egg omelette which is slightly sweet.The chirashi sushi is freshly made by the chef and I could see him making it at the sushi bar.

The fish was fresh and I love how they have the salmon roe in there. Now I wish every one was like them.

I loved the udon and all the vegetables in there. The miso broth was really good too. It had no MSG to it. I loved that they put lots and lots of Japanese vegetables in there. Its something you don’t find everyday.

The green tea was good. I wished I could have more room for green tea ice cream though. Oh well next time when I come with Katherine. Oh and I’m glad South Wharf finally have some good restaurants. Not the overpriced food court shit at Crown.

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