10 Promises to my dog

by newintstudents

It is a Japanese movie made in 2008

Director:Katsuhide Motoki
Writers:Hare Kawaguchi (screenplay), Yoshimitsu Sawamoto (screenplay)

Starring:Rena Tanaka, Ryo Kase, Mayuko Fukuda

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The movie is all about relationships whether it would be with pets or humans. The movie is predictable in some ways especially when the dog dies after 10 years.

It starts off with a little puppy running into 12 year old Akari’s home. Akari lives with her mum and her dad. Soon after her mum gets sick and eventually dies in hospital leaving her and her dad.

Before her mum dies, Akari promises Socks ten things. Throughout she doesn’t always stick to those ten things. She ends up going to college far far away from home and she becomes a vet in a zoo quite far away. Her dad ends up liking Socks (he’s never really liked dogs) and taking care of it.

She also develops a very close relationship with her childhood friend Hoshi and in the end they get married. Hoshi is a very famous musician who studied music in Paris. Hoshi looked after Socks when Akari had to leaver her.

Socks dies after ten years and it is really sad.

Sad but predictable