Spencer st shopping centre

by newintstudents

Spencer st shopping centre is like DFO in South Wharf where everything is so cheap. Here you can get there by public transport. the entrance is just outside the train station. Upon entering you’ll see a food court offering its breakfast specials as well as the Peter Alexander (Pyjama shop).

Further down there are shoe shops. Right now Wittner has $50 shoes.

Jays Jays a clothing store has 10% off clothes for students on Mondays-Wednesdays and right now they are having a sale where everything is under $25, even a pair of jeans.

Need a break from all the shopping? Then head to Coffee club. Or Starbucks coffee..

Strandbags also has purchases for under $25.

The mall is open from 10am-6pmish everyday. Do stop by and visit.