Career consulting firms

by newintstudents

International students particularly those in their pernultimate year love to use careers consultancies to assist them with their resume, finding work and other things. But did you know that there are pitfalls and perks with using a careers consultancy?
In Melbourne there are hundreds of these around to assist students in finding a job. But some of them can be very costly to use. There are some firms which scam students out of a lot of money.

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For 8 sessions it can cost somewhere between $1000-$4000. Using your uni’s careers service is free.

Some of them also discriminate against students. I have had stories where Asian students were discriminated against.

Most of them if you put your name down on a list will cold call students even if they are not interested.

I remember one consultant who booted me out because I was local and not gullible like many International students who don’t know our work laws and how they are selected.

Although you spend money on these services they will not guarantee a job in the end. Especially no six digit one.
But on the other hand, you get a lot of out of some of the legtimate ones. They might even help students find the right jobs. But they don’t do all the homework for you, you have to do it yourself.

Noted Careers is one of the legitmate ones and another one of the legitimate ones is your university’s careers service. Not only is it free they also give you good advice and run seminars for students.

Advice: Do your homework before you sign any contracts or pay any money. Read the testimonials and comments online.

Google them yourself before signing up.

Students are advised to boycott these sham career consultants and go for the better ones such as Navitas and the free university careers service.