Disability Liason Unit

by newintstudents

Each University has one and it is there for students.

Image courtesy of liv.ac.uk

Had an accident at work and need some adjustments? Well the Disability Unit can assist you.

The DLU isn’t just for those that are disabled; it is also for those that have injured themselves and need adjustments to assignments.

Injured your wrist and cant write in the exam? There are scribes employed by the DLU to assist you.

The DLu can also assist with Special consideration should you need.

One student with whom Katherine was working with at her tenure at the Union tried to apply for Special consideration, but with no such luck as she did not know that there is a DLU in place and that they could get reasonable adjustments for all of their assessments. They had broken their wrist in a workplace accident one week before the exam period.

Lesson learnt: It pays to know where the Disability Liaison Unit is on campus just in case if you accidently injure yourself and need someone to write for you or rest breaks.