How not to live with the flatmate from hell

by newintstudents

The flatmate from hell is not lovely. In fact they are mean and stingy and never pay their rent on time or do their fair share of chores leaving everyone to pick up after them. They also free load of everyone in the fridge.

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I had a friend who lived with a really rude Australian student. He was queer; she not so. She did not want to be named but she came from India.  She is a first year student studying at RMIT. She came from a rural part of India where queer people did not come into play. The guy was loud and obnoxious and stole a lot of food from the fridge; food that she wanted for the next day. There were a lot of arguments in the house. The guy also loved to have parties and sex, she not so. The guy also did not pay his rent on time. He also did not do any chores around the house. My friend and the other International students that she lived with all did their fair share and more

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My friend tried to confront the guy but to no avail. In the end she told the landlord and the other tenants and the landlord kicked him out.

Communication is a must. If you can’t do something say why. Also if they don’t do something speak up. Don’t bottle it up. In the interview you should ask what they are like and tell them a bit about yourself. Don’t try and accept the first house you come across.

Follow all the house rules. If there aren’t any develop some with all the housemates. Have regular meetings with them.

Relationships are a two way street. Maybe they forgot to clean the fridge but they remembered your washing. Forgive them.

Or maybe they cooked you dinner.

Learn to get along with your flatmates and they will do the same…hopefully.

If you are the head tenant you could have a meeting with the other tenants and then kick them out if they agree.

If all fails then give up and MOVE OUT.