My reflection about RMIT

by newintstudents

 We take a look at what happened in RMIT during the last six months and what they could do this semester for students.

the exterior of an RMIT building. Image courtesy of

What things has it done for us lately?
The good
We had some wins with more activities for students
More good cafes in the SAB building.
More English language support services for students in the SAB building.
The student union has run more free breakfasts and lunches for students
The WI- FI there is great.
RMIT has been working with the student union on the Academic policy and there are some small successes for students

The bad
More advertising of student achievements. Whilst this is important too much of it leads to an Information overload.
More of the same job advertisements.
RMIT has a high rate of casualization which means poor quality of teaching.Not all tutors know how to deal with disadvantaged students.
RMIT are really bad at addressing student concerns a timely manner. And they also have not replied to many of the requests for information on Facebook.

There are no microwaves in SAB hence the queue for them in Building 10 is just ridiculous.
And the plain ugly

The SAB stuff has got worse. There is no areas for the disabled.

Everyone has to bring their own laptop now; hence the lines at the library and the computer lab has just gotten worse. There used to be a laptop scholarship but not anymore. But you can access the online learning hub via the MYRMIT app available in Google play, so there is no need for a laptop.

The toilets are just plain dirty in Building 8 and at Bundoora

The lines at the HUB in building 12 are just plain ridiculous.

Plenty of discrimination for students which are disabled or are from low earning countries.

The parking in Bundoora is really bad- full of potholes and the carpark is unsupervised. Students pay about $175 per year, but for what exactly?

RMIT never removes any of the assignment help ads leaving students in the lurch and the rate of plagiarism gets worse every year.

Things that RMIT could do is employ more staff for the HUB. There could be some student casuals working there. It could also pay their staff properly. I wonder if RMIT is using any of that money from the SSAF fee to maintain its facilities to a better standard. Also if RMIT were really serious about not plagiarising it could get rid of all the assignment help ads.

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