Newintstudents personal safety guide

by newintstudents

Student safety is a must for everyone. A lot of students when they come to Melbourne always worry about their safety. Melbourne is a safe place to live provided that you follow some of these tips. Here are some safety tips for surviving in Melbourne.

At Home:
Always lock the door and the windows before you go to bed.
Never leave your cooking unattended, always stay with it
 Never use your hair dryer around water unless you love fireworks and burning things

On Public transport
At night sit behind the dirvers door if you can
At the train station always stand behind the yellow line whilst waiting for the train.
Never try and run for the train especially when the platform is slippery and wet
Always cross when it is safe to cross such as a a level crossing. Many of times when people have crossed illegally they have died or had serious injuries. For some injuries and surgeries your OSHC cannot cover you. There have also been fines for this sort of thing.
If there is an underpass use it.

In the street and in other public places
Never walk down a quiet laneway
Always cross at the lights if you can particularly in the city. People have been fined for jaywalking
Watch your bags- there are a few pickpockets around.
Avoid beggars if you can.

At the atm:
Never count your money in public
Always cover your hand when using the atm
Use a well lit atm and one that is free of skimming devices.

What are some of your safety tips? Please do share below.