Bing boy comes to Melbourne

by newintstudents

Bing boy is a place in Melbourne Central. They are an Asian craze from Adelaide.

They are a Hawker street style store, hence it is only tiny and not much seating. It is take away

It just opened two days ago and already it is starting to get busy. It is run by an Australian guy.

This is the first place in Melbourne that does the Beijing (Jian Bing style pancakes)

 They cater for the International students as well as the locals. All of their wraps are under $10 with the veggie one under $6. I went for the highly popular Peking duck.

You order and pay at the front and then they will hand you a number. And you wait for your number to be called.

They have an iPad system so your order gets sent there and when it is ready they just press a button to say its complete.

Here they make the Jian Bing pancakes fresh on site. Whilst I was waiting I saw how they made the pancakes. Like Harajuku crepes they used a pancake press. They also had a production line- someone preparing ingredients and three people making the pancakes. When the pancake was ready they call out the number and you go up and collect yours.

You can also ask for extra sauce and I did just that. When I saw the Siricha sauce I just requested some.

The pancake tasted really nice with the Siricha sauce and I’m glad to say that it is better than Subway any day even though you are paying more. I loved all the fresh veggies in there. I have never tried a Jian Bing before but Sally night have, so can’t comment on that except I loved the egginess of this.

I’d like for Meld Magazine to do a write up of Bing boy and like other places I’d like for them to give away free lunches.

What do you think? What are your experiences with Bing boy so far?

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