Breadtop Bourke st by Katherine

by newintstudents

This site has been around for years and was my favourite student joint when myself and Sally studying in 108.

Now that we have moved to the SAB building we no longer go there as much.

Over the past year or two they have changed. They used to sell my favourite triple spring onion bun but its no longer there. Also the cake prices have gone up (it used to be $3 a piece but not anymore. It is now $4.20 a piece)

I bought one savory and one sweet item to try.

I bought the naan bread ($2) and my favorite mango gateau cake ($4.20). The naan bread was dry, buttery and too oily for my liking.

The cake was sickly sweet and was squashed when it came out of the bag. I didn’t squash it on the way back to my office- I promise. I was very careful with this. The wrapping was really hard to get off without the use of my hands. My hands were sticky afterwards.

The strawberry was the only good thing about the cake. The rest was factory made and delivered

They could have put the cake in a small box.

Overall I wasn’t too happy with the food.  Maybe they were just having a bad day perhaps? I’m not so sure that I’d come back.

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