Brunswick campus

by newintstudents

As part of our study guide

Brunswick campus is about 10- 15 mins from the city by train. You can get the Upfield line (it goes every twenty minutes) and get off at Jewell (zone 1). You’ll see the campus just across the road.

Brunswick is a quiet campus hence you can get a lot done out here. It is mainly for the Arts and fashion students but any student can come and use their library. But the only problem is that the air conditioning breaks down all the time.

Brunswick doesn’t have much in terms of eateries but there are cafes in nearby Sydney road. There is a microwave on campus but its always dirty because some students never clean up after themselves. The cafeteria in the campus is really expensive and not much good food there.

There is a Student Union but seeing as its so quiet out there and its near the city, it is only open two days a week. There is always a free BBQ on Tuesday lunchtimes from the Student Union. The Student Union also sells cheap movie tickets.

There is a small HUB outside the caf and the computer labs is not far from the caf.