Using your student card to get discounts

by newintstudents

 Students did you know that your student is not just a library card? That’s right it is more than that. You can use it for almost anything. Here’s how:

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Microsoft offers a student rate for their products. Check out: for more info

1) Food
Most restaurants will give students about a 10%- 20% off the total bill for food. For example Wangamama, Sumo salad, Taco Bill etc.

And Melbourne Central has its own student card which also has food offers on it.

Places like McDonalds and Hungry Jacks have free meal upsizes.

Places like Miss Molly’s have food specials for students

Stoffers a student based app have a lot of offers for students. You can download the app to your iPhone or Android phone.

2) Fashion and accessories
Myer, Novo and other stores like GAP (a clothing store) all have student discounts. Simply flash your student card when you go to pay.

Melbourne central has their own student card and at the beggining of March they have orientation where you can sign up for their card.

Toni and Guy have a 10% discount for students.

3) Entertainment
If you are going to Hoyts or Village or Greater Union don’t buy your tickets at the cinema. Instead buy your student tickets at RMIT Brunswick campus or at Melbourne University’s general store. I think they are about $10-$11 each.

Or if you go to places like Grilld and Nandos they do have a movie ticket offer where if you eat there you can buy the ticket for about $10-$12 each.

The Entertainment book ($65 for one year) also has some really great buy one get one free offers as well.

Most events have cheaper tickets for students. You can just purchase concession tickets. Sometimes the uni might also organize outings for students.

4) Other stuff such as textbooks.
The Age offers a tertiary subscription for $45 where there is free weekend delivery. And they even deliver during the summer break.

Magazine4student and iSubscribe have some student Magazine offers.

Some bookshops and industry places have discounts for students.

Just remember to take your student card with you when you go shopping to save money. It doesn’t hurt to ask retailers about special offers for students. They might only have them on a certain day.

Got any places that offer discounts? Tell us below.