1st Salt and Pepper by Katherine

by newintstudents

I bought a Groupon for $9 for this deal in which they honored.

The place in itself was hard to find seeing as I don’t work or study on this side of town.

The place is small and kitchy.

It was quiet when I came at 12:30pm. Normally at lunchtime it would be busier. There were a few Asians but there were many Caucasians getting take away.

The $9 Groupon special was for a bento with soft drink and soup. I was hoping that they’d change that for tea as a lot of Asians love to drink tea.

Instead there is a choice of soft drink or water.

To that I added a serve of mini mantou ($3.50). Mantou is steamed bread famous in China and Taiwan. The Taiwanese love it with condensed milk. But the Chinese like it plain.

I had the grilled prawn bento. Here it came with really cold vegetables which were cooked but had been out for too long. It also came with a really cold egg omelette (which was strange- normally it is only the Japanese that eat cold omelette). The grilled prawns were small and just swimming in sauce. The rice was just meh and bland.

Overall I’d only come back for the baos and maybe the Taiwanese popcorn chicken. A very disappointing meal. With all the other restaurants down this end of the city, its no wonder they don’t get any customers.

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