Red Spice road

by newintstudents

Red Spice road has been a popular place for Melburnians to hang out in. The McKillop st one has been opened for years and years to date, whilst the QV one was just opened last year.

Already they have been gaining quite a lot of popularity; especially as a cocktail bar. The mocktails ($9) are pretty good. The only thing I did not like is that there is too much ice in the drinks. Other than that it is pretty enjoyable. I got to watch the bartender make my mocktail.

Another thing I also loved too was the desserts (about $14-$15 each). Here they were exquisite. I had the passionfruit brulee with coconut ice cream and jelly. Not your typical asian dessert, but fusion. This is like the creme brulee my mum makes at home.

Now Red Spice road does get busy at lunch time but there are plenty of places at the bar.

Although it is quite expensive this place is great for special occasions such as the end of exams where Red Spice in QV has free drinks for students until the 7th of July. Oh and there is the entertainment card for those wanted to save money

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