Royal Melbourne Hotel by Katherine

by newintstudents

Royal Melbourne Hotel has been opened for a few years now, but not many people have blogged about it. Why? The place is always crowded full of footy fans.

Walking by it nearly all the time since I work really close to that station. I have always seen it being lively after 5pm. It is a pub but with prison like decor which reminded me of Ned Kelly and the Old Melbourne Gaol.

They also have a lot of specials such as $10 pizzas including drinks from Monday to Wednesday and the $19.90 football specials everytime a match is on at Etihad Stadium (by the way the place is just across the road from Southern Cross station and Etihad Stadium).

I was intrigued to try this out with Sally. So last Friday night we set off. And yes the place was busy with all the Hawks and West Coast Eagle fans enjoying their meals before the match.

There are two stations.You order your food at the food station and you order your drinks at the bar. Sally and I did not know that. There are no menus in sight but there were specials by the door. We both had the $19.90 footy special which included a drink, chips and salad as well as your choice from three different meals. The staff were friendly. They got water for us when we asked.

Whilst I had the fish meal, Sally had the Parmigiana meal. Sally wanted to try the wine and so she did. Actually the Parmigiana fared better than the fish and chips meal. Sally seemed to really like it.

My fish was cooked perfectly. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Sadly I can’t say the same for the chips and the salad. Whilst the salad was fresh it was a tad bit limp from all the chips sitting on top of it. My chips were really soggy. My meal came out in five minutes which made me think that my meal was cooked beforehand and then reheated.

I might just come by for the odd drink or two and maybe pizza and pot pie which looked good.

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