T.G.I Fridays in Melbourne Central

by newintstudents

There is a new T.G.I Friday in town and this time it is close to RMIT. It just opened a few days ago and I went to the opening. Here the Nova Cassanovas were there giving away free things. People played Jenga outside. But I already had other lunch plans that day.

It was busy when we got there at about 12.30pm.  Hence there was a 10 min wait for a table. Or you could sit at the bar and eat.

Instead I went today with a couple of guys. I had their lunch specials.  They have a $9.95, a $13.95 and a $15.95 special. Their $13.95 and $15.95 specials include drinks. I had their Fish chips with a lemonade, whilst Sydneysider had their club sandwich and white wine (for the same price) and the Teacher had the BBQ wrap.

The Sydneysider really liked his club sandwich and gave TGI Friday a 4/5. It looked massive when it came to our table. The teacher felt that the BBQ wrap was cold and the chips were too salty. Also they forgot our cutlery which I had to remind them.

I felt that my fish was way over cooked and whilst my chips weren’t all that soggy and the tartare sauce was great; it was way too oily. All the oil went right on the bottom of the plate. Oh and why did I find a nacho chip sitting right at the bottom of the plate with my chips???? Goodness knows how it got there.

I might just wait until they settle down a bit before I return. But the Sydneysider and teacher are always happy to return

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