Tutti frutti and Lucky Cup

by newintstudents

As part of our Health series
There are two great places in Melbourne Central which are my favourite places. These are great places for students to get their health fix.
1) Tutti frutti- like others they are a self serve shop.Here you can choose the ice cream and the toppings. they are one of the better options around Melbourne Central. I have been to the other ones in the city. Like the QV and the Bourke st store they charge by weight.

I loved the green tea today. It was not too sweet and with the cherries and the mango it is quite nice

2) Lucky Cup- you might remember the first visit. Well nothing much has changed since then. It is only $4 per cup. I got my green tea. Which was nothing but great

So students if you are feeling a little bit lazy and tired but need a break, come and play here.

Lucky Cup on UrbanspoonTutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt @ Melbourne Central on Urbanspoon