Vegie bar

by newintstudents

I have been here a couple of times now: One during the summer and the other one just today. Both days were sunny.

Vegie bar doesn’t need much of an explanation except it is one of the best vegetarian places that is really close to the city (about 10-15 mins by bus/tram. Bus stop is in Johnston st).

Here they only serve vegetarian stuff. But they do have mock meat for those that can’t live without meat.

I arrived a little bit early… just before they opened up shop. But the waitress was happy to serve me. It had been trying to get attention sometimes when I wanted things. In the first hour it was not that busy.

The place looked like one of Melbourne’s funky style places: a warehouse.

The bathrooms are out the back and I love the fact that they are trying to save water, unlike RMIT. Unlike RMIT their toilets are clean and they use water efficiently.

Here I had the sambal noodles with mock duck ($15) and vegetables. They used hokkein noodles for this. They put a bit too much sauce on the plate so I had ordered a side of roti ($2.50) to mop up all the sauce.

I was easily full after this and after my flat white ($3.50 for a big cup).

Next time when I come I want to try all the lovely desserts. Sorry I couldn’t try them this time.

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