Exploring Richmond part 1: Bridge Road

by newintstudents

Bridge Rd
Its not so much about the food, but it is more about the shopping and how cheap the clothes and shoes are.
But speaking of food there is Thomax Dux a grocery shop known for its organic food and its sampling. Also the famous Richmond Hill and Larder (a cheese shop) resides there. This place is really expensive but it is worth going there for the experience.

How to get there: You can either catch the train (South Morang line) to Jolimont or West Richmond stations or what most people do is board either a route 48 (from Collins st) or a number 75 (from Flinders st)

We got off at Epworth Hospital and began our journey there. And from there we came across our favourite place: The Body Shop clearance store where nothing is over $10. I saw a lot of things for $2.50/ $3 and I wanted a photo of them. But I think they wanted to keep the place as a mystery.

Oh well I managed to take lots of photos in other places. There are so many bargains to be had out here, such as $50 shoes from Novo, $1 canvas from Cotton On, $7.50 tops from the same place, $2 shoes from Cotton on etc. Lots and lots of cheap to be had.

Lastly we checked out the eateries on the other side and there were so many of them. The one place that I went to is Laikon deli which has $9 baguettes. It was yummy and made freshly on site. I was easily full afterwards.

And then we went back to the city