Golden Gate Hotel by Katherine

by newintstudents

After the masterclass we all sauntered down to the Golden Gate Hotel. The Goldern gate hotel is around the corner from the Art Gallery so I had no trouble finding it.

The pub is rather noisy, but not overly. And they do have enough room inside for a pram.

There are two seating areas: a bar and a dining area. We sat at the bar. You go up and you pay and then they give you a table number.

They have $10 steak and happy hour specials everyday, but I’m not much of a steak eater. So I went for the vegetarian pizza ($14 for just a tiny one). Someone else had salad with a poached egg and that looked really good.

The bathrooms there were just ok and they were hidden. Here they are behind the frosted doors. But yeah they are nothing worth raving about.

My drink (lemonade- someone else shouted me so I don’t know the price sorry) was great.

My pizza however was bland and it took forever to come out of the kitchen and they were not that busy- it was 1pm after all. Oh and about the base: it was thin on side and plump on the other. Make up your mind I have had better than this at other places.

Nic if you are reading this, I don’t think that you’d really like to go here for pizza.  For me I’d probably only come back for drinks and maybe the dips and the shoe string fries and the burger

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