Pho mee I love Pho

by newintstudents

This place had been opened for about three months now and they are going strong.

I bought a Groupon for this for $6. Normally a small bowl of this is $8.

This place is situated in the Chine on Paramount food court and I didn’t know it had existed. The food court is usually very quiet but that might change for the better.

It is run by the same guys that run the green tea place in Flemington, so I expected good things.

The service was open and friendly. There was one lady who admitted that she was just new which was fine for me.

They have vegetarian pho as well as the usual meat phos. Since I am a little bit of a vegetarian myself I went for the first option. This option had tofu rather than meat. But the soup was bland though. I didn’t mind as I was happy to add in all the sauce myself.  The bowl was just a tad bit dirty ( ahh it was too late as I’d started eating. Oh well it was only just a small dot of dirt. Not that I minded too much)

But put all that aside- love the noodles. Even love the beanshoots. They were fresh and yum.

I also bought a coconut juice for $4. Normally I’d find these for $1.50 in Footscray so I was a bit surprised at that price. It was really sweet, but I didn’t mind.

Verdict: Wait til they settle down a bit and then I’d come back for a proper pho.  I’d also like it if they had EFTPOS. But compared to other places in that food court this place is worth spending your money on. For Groupon customers, yes they do exist and they will be on Urbanspoon soon.

Green Tea Vietnamese Restaurant on UrbanspoonPho Mee I Love Pho on Urbanspoon