Ramen Ya in Paramount and Cafe Baci by Katherine

by newintstudents

After the zoo trip there was dinner in the city.  The Japan Club and I went to Ramen Ya and I went to my other favourite place afterwards for dessert.

1) Ramen ya (at 108 Bourke st and near Parliament station)
Ramen Ya has been around for a few years now and they are student eatery. They mainly do ramen, but I was keen to try a lot of things at once. This place is a lot bigger than the one at GPO. I loved the fittings and the glowing reviews from the Age.
Service was just so so. Ramen ya is run by the Japanese. Some of the waitress were friendly, others were not. They mixed up our meals with other peoples. They were not busy (it was 5pm after all when my group of 20 people came) The food was quick though. Like the other place most meals were around $10-$15. I didn’t have to pay for this as the Japan club covered for everyone

One waitress slammed my cup down when she brought it back (I had asked for a refill of the hot water). The other ones were lovely.

Most of the people in our group ordered ramen, but I wanted to try other things as well. Everyone loved that there was less salt in the ramen. I loved the gyoza and the chicken katsu (which I had a small sample of).

I had the bento set (Terriyaki tofu). The tofu wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. It was bland. The rice was mediocre at best. But the seaweed salad was soggy. Perhaps it had been in the fridge for too long? All the water was at the bottom and the carrots and other things were soggy.

The other salad wasn’t too bad. In fact this and the tea was the best part of the meal. The Japanese waitress was happy to show me how it was done (after I spilled some on the table by mistake).

I’d be happy to try their ramen here. And I recommend Nic from Sharking with Fish and Chips to visit.

2) Cafe Baci
This is one of my favourite places to have ice cream in. It is at Crown. The wait staff were really surly (perhaps they hated working at night). I had two flavors for $6.90. I had the strawberry and lemon gelato.
Whilst I loved the Lemon flavour, I found the strawberry to be a bit artificial.

But what I loved about the dessert was the cute wafer cup that it came in.

Seeing that it is a little bit pricey I might just try other dessert places. I wouldn’t mind coming back in the summer though.

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