Housing problems

by newintstudents

Unlike the goods and services standards this stands is quite low leaving the International students with housing that is insecure and unsafe. Some of these lack the basic essentials. Katherine reports on this issue.

Over the years I have volunteered at the Union where students seem to be living in low income housing areas where housing is quite dangerous.  This is in particular in some areas of Footscray and Fitzroy. These students worried about their safety leaving them at risk of failing subjects.

Often the locks were insecure leaving the place to be burgled. I know of students who tried to lock their house only to return and find that all of their stuff was gone. These students didn’t know much about insurance and about making sure that the place has locks when you first look at the property. Then they also don’t know that you can claim the monies back from the landlord

Some of them don’t know much about renting because where they lived didn’t have such a concept. I remember last semester where RMIT didn’t do much but except to say here’s where you can find all of their stuff. But Australian Federation of International students had their own day where many attended and housing rights were discussed in detail.

Have you been in any terrible housing situations? Tell us below.