How to spend wisely at the supermarket

by newintstudents

Students want to save some money at the supermarket? Here are some tips on doing just that:

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1) Know how much things cost- most supermarkets have an online catalog in which you can have a look at.

2) Buy things in season- as it is cheaper. Or better still buy your fruits and vegetables from the markets. RMIT is near the market so there is no excuse for buying at the supermarket

3) Go to the supermarket on their discount days (I believe its Wednesday or Thursday for most supermarkets). Everything is cheaper then.

4) Improvise with different things- instead of buying onion stock cubes for flavour, why not use a real onion?
5) Be frugal- buy things which you need not want. If you are living alone then why not one big staple (i.e a huge packet pasta) and make all sorts of different meals out it?

6) Sometimes International foods can very expensive at the supermarket, so you might have to buy them from a international grocery shop. Its a good idea to try new foods whilst you’re in Melbourne. Or you can always make your meals from scratch.

7) Make a list of the things that you need. That way you won’t be tempted into buying things that you don’t need. And its also a good way to remember what you need. You can use your phone for this if it is an iPhone or Android one as they have a memo app.

I hope these hints help. Have you got any more hints? Drop us a line below.