International students pay about 3 times more than locals in fees

by newintstudents

Image of how much an International student has to pay. Image courtesy of

Local students pay around $9000 per year and International students pay around $30000+ per year. They are not entitled the HECS HELP, FEE HELP Loan that the locals are entitled to. These loans are government loans to which only locals are entitled to. This is where the government pays some or all of a student’s fees.

So where does the funding go? Some of the fees subsardise the local fees of about $1500 per local student (according to this report by the Group of eight). But the rest goes to research and funding for things like libraries and support services for students.

The locals have what is known as a Commonwealth supported place. That means that the place is supported by local government.  Only Australian and New Zealand residents can have government support.

Fees have risen. In 2011 it used to be that Internationals pay about $16000. Now Internationals pay around $25000

Contribution Band (by discipline) Annual contribution for local students
Band 1: humanities, behavioral science, social studies, education, clinical psychology, foreign languages, visual and performing arts, nursing $5,868
Band 2: mathematics, statistics, computing, built environment, other health, allied health, science, engineering, surveying, agriculture $8,363
Band 3: law, accounting, administration, economics, commerce, dentistry, medicine, veterinary science $9,792

 This is what domestic students like Katherine have to pay. In some cases International students have to pay 200% more of what local students pay.

Undergraduate course fees (business and commerce students) International Local (CSP)
University of Melbourne $33,344 $9,792
Monash University $34,000
Swinburne University $20,950
RMIT University $23,040

But not all local students have CSP places. Some like Masters and PhD students pay the same price even more than International students. Students doing the Juris Doctor have to pay $30000+ depending on the uni that they go to.