RMIT’s mental health test and its effects

by newintstudents

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RMIT will have a new mental health test for students who have mental and psychological problems. It is currently in the stages of development. They aim to have this as part of their new conduct policy which undermines the student’s privacy and maybe in breach of the privacy laws.

Catalyst has already written an article about this last month (in the paper version). The test is conducted by the Fitness for Study panel. Students are require to undergo one or more tests to determine whether or not they are a serious risk to others.

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RUSU is opposed to the plan as such as it undermines a students right to privacy. It also sees that more and more students will be expelled or excluded because of this.
Students and other people are outraged by the plan as shown below.

This is absolutely disgusting and is an example Of yet another insidious way where ppl with mental health conditions are being actively discriminated against, all purportedly in the name of trying to prevent the occasional embarrassing situation . So what’s next, a screening test before you are allowed into a shopping center or use public transport ? . As a Nurse and current student at RMIT I am totally appalled at this and hope that the anti discrimination ombudsman has more of a say in this than what we as students have not !.”  A student quoted this on RMIT’s Facebook page.

“As a once proud ex-student of RMIT I am appalled at the announcement in The Age today about the proposed psychological assessment of students. With mental health statistics at an all time high around the globe, how can our “Working Man’s College” even consider this as a reasonable and rightful way forward. I am disgusted RMIT.” Another quote from an outraged person on RMIT’s page.

“Excuse me ignoramuses!! I have a mental illness and I was one of the only 5% of pupils who finished my course AT RMIT! This is clear discrimination AND completely fascist as it segregates forcefully without clearly identifying the real problem which is the indifferent institution! Each persons circumstances are different people! Once again too many people with opinions about a topic they have no experience or expertise about Banting on about stupid approaches!! This is a private matter that must only rest with the student and health professional and others ONLY when invited!!” A comment from The Age (25/6/2013

Ideally we think that RMIT should grow a heart and that this policy is not very fair. RUSU also thinks that RMIT should be more understanding about these things. In the long run not many students will want to come to RMIT.

In terms of treating people with mental health Melbourne Uni seems to be a lot fairer on these students and the way how their information is used. As such they don’t have all of this complicated testing.

Which do you prefer: RMIT or Melbourne?