Gong de Lin

by newintstudents

Gong de Lin is a Chinese and vegetarian place. Where’s the beef loved the place and so do the other vegetarians in Melbourne.

Finally a vegetarian place close to RMIT. And that is cheap too! Yay! They have been opened for five months now. Their dumplings are certainly cheap and if you share with someone the cost of the mains is quite reasonable.

Finally a Chinese place that has decent staff too. Although service wise it can be a bit slow. At least they smiled and they were attentive.

The thing I didn’t really enjoy is the small lift. It was cramped in there and is the only way of going up or down. Would be a good idea to put some stairs in.

The place though however is clean and simple, which I like. I love all the white space and the flowers.

The bathrooms too are easy to access and are clean.

Although this place is vegetarian they do have mock meat dishes on the menu. They also have lunch specials.

I was keen on trying out my two favourites: the silver thread bun and the vegetarian deep fried pancake ($5 each). The deep fried pancake was really bland. This I did not like. They could have put some spring onions in there. Also some salt is needed.

On the other hand I loved the silver thread bun. It was sweet and I loved to pull it to bits. It is fun that way.

The drink (iced green tea with lemon- $3.50) came with a lime instead, but I loved the tanginess. I think the drink was just a tad bit sweet.

I don’t know. Its a mixed bag of good and bad. I might just come back to try out their noodles and rice dishes because it did look good when they brought it to other people’s tables.

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