Navitas information session

by newintstudents

Kickstarting your career

Students do you want to find out about how to find work in Australia? If so read on.

I was invited by Anna at Navitas to attend an information session yesterday. The seminar started at 2:30pm and finished at 4pm. It was held at the Navitas office at 206 Bourke st, Melbourne.There was free food and drink.

The one thing I learnt was to be on time.

Challenges faced by International students
* Lack of communication
* Not having relevant experience
* Cultural difference between Australia and in the home countries. In Australia people often have after work networking drinks with their boss.
* Lack of understanding about Australian workplace environment.
* Companies don’t like to hire people without PR. It can be a real barrier

There was a panel consisting of:
John Drennan from Navitas
Hari Pasad from Softball Aus. He works in Finance
Margery Neoh from Navitas
Nasir Uddin who is an IT analyst.

The things that they emphasized on are
* Know what you want to do in the next five to ten years time. Where do you see yourself? If you want to work in a big firm, get a list of the companies and then go to their website. More often than not they will have a lot of jobs on offer and the list changes from time to time.
* Know what you are good at and apply for things that you are good in. Go for the medium sized companies. Accountants can work anywhere and everywhere. Your skills are transferable
* Networking is a must. About 70% of jobs are advertised through your networks. Always follow up with your networks. Go to networking events within your industry- there are bound to be some. At networking events, have some business cards ready. They only $20 to print.
* Being able to speak more than one language is a must for most big firms as some of them do require you to go overseas.
* Doing extra circular activities is also a must as it shows that you are a team player.
* Working in fast food chains and restaurants is also another must as it shows that you follow procedure and that you are a team player.
* The first six months working in a new firm are always tricky.
* Look for jobs on you uni’s website as they always have new jobs every two days
* start looking for part time jobs before you graduate. Put yourself out there. You are bound to get numerous rejections so do keep applying. You gain more experiences by going to interviews.
* You have to be willing to learn and soft (people skills) are a must.
 * Volunteer- Rotary clubs are always looking for volunteers in every field. You should volunteer for a not for profit organisation
* Proofread your resume. If English is your second language, get a native English speaker/local person to do it. Don’t have spelling and grammar mistakes in there as it will just go in the bin.
* Don’t apply for a job through a recruitment agency as they will only target the most successful people.

The perfect candidate is someone:
* With the right attitude that wants to work for the comapny/business
*Has done their research
*Personality- it has to fit with the team. If you extra circular activities on your resume it shows just that.

Masters vs Bachelor
Do you think its better to do your Masters straight after your bachelor?

No. Get some work experience first. You struggle to get jobs after your Masters.

Good luck with your hunt and you can find Navitas on Facebook