So Good’s almond milk

by newintstudents

So good is a soy milk product by Sanitarium. Here they are high in protein and calcium to help nourish your bones. They have no animal fat, no cholesterol and no lactose.
Sanitarium is a health food company.

In the last few months So Good have released a new product called Almond milk. Almond milk has been the talk of the health food professionals as well Realfoods for a few years now. And they say that almond milk is good for you. In fact it is. It is meant to be slightly nutty.

It was really sweet. It had a little bit of chocolate in there. But it wasn’t as nutty as the real almond milk.

But its good for things like porridge and oats where you don’t want to add too much sugar to this.

It is about $2 in the supermarket for one litre.