The clothing exchange

by newintstudents

“Swap clothes you once loved for those you will treasure at events around the nation.” Quote courtesy of Image below also courtesy of the same site.

8th of July at 6:30pm. Clothes swapping starts at 7pm.
At Deakin Edge at Federation Square
It is $25 but you can swap up to six items of clothing

This event is run by the Clothing Exchange. the group founded in 2004 and are about sustainability.  They have won an award last year for green lifestyle. They are also featured in a lot of media such as the Financial review.

Clothes swapping is an environmentally sustainable practice. The clothes that you don’t want does not go to landfill. Instead someone else wears them and you get to wear someone else’s treasure for a fraction of the price. It is an alternative to buying clothes that you might not possibly want after some time.

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the change by booking your ticket to this fabulous event here.