FAQ-free and cheap things

            These questions and answers are written so that there are not too many of the same question all over my blog. You should definitely read these before asking a question. If there isn’t a question that is listed here you can feel free to ask it. But if the question is the same ones from here, your question will be deleted.

1)      I only have $50 to spend for a day. What can I do with $50?

This is a list of things you can do for $50 or less in a day

  • Walk around Yarra river- free
  • Hop on a free city circle tram and explore the city- free
  • Go to Melbourne or Immigration Museum- free for students
  • Cycle around St Kilda and the city- $2.50 to borrow a bike from one of the bike pods around the city
  • Have Dessert and Coffee at Brunettis in Myer- $10-$15
  • Look at the Myer Windows- free
  • Window shopping- free
  • Eat a lunch from Dons Dons outside on the State library lawns- $6-$7
  • Visit the state library- free (unless you need to rent a locker, which is $4)
  • Visit the Journal cafe and have a chai- $4
  • Explore Federation Square-free
  • Explore the Sunday Art Market- free
  • Have breakfast and coffee in Degraves st- $10-$15
  • Eat lunch at Hong Kong Pancake house- $9-$10
  • Eat lunch at Roule Creperie- $8-$10
  • Enjoy a free snag at RMIT’s Chill and Grill BBQ days on Wednesdays from 12pm-2pm
  • Enjoy lunch and buy snacks at Queen Victoria market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Snacks are between $1-$5 and lunch is between $5-$15. Whilst you’re there you can enjoy some free cooking classes when they are run.
  • Go exploring: in Brunswick,
    Bridge Rd  and Swan st Richmond
  • Go to Smith St, Fitzroy- free
  • Gaze at the art in the laneway galleries of Melbourne.
  • Get a massage at Endevour- about $10-$15
  • And lots more exciting things! There are some exciting posts on my blog, why not check them out!!!

2)       I only have one 9:30am-10:30am lecture in the morning and then a 5:30pm-7:30pm lecture in the evening. What do I do in between classes?

  • Go home if you live close by
  • Go to the library ( note: you might have to book a computer in the busy times)
  • Volunteer at the Student Union
  • Volunteer at Realfoods
  • Enjoy a Vietnamese lunch somewhere in the city or in Victoria st
  • Visit the State library
  • Visit St Kilda
  • If you are a female, hang out in the Womyns room on your campus
  • Go to the computer lab (note you can’t spend a whole day in there. The Maximum you can spend is two hours)
  • Visit South Melbourne market- only opens on Wednesday- Saturday. Its only 15-20 mins by tram from the city campus
  • Visit Prahran market on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. And what’s more they have free cooking demos on Thursdays from 10am-2pm. They have free Jasper coffee for you to try as well as some yummy samples.

3)      Where can I get good student discounts in Melbourne?

  • Some bars do uni nights, where there are cheaper drinks
  • The RMIT Student Union has their “Drinks with friends” days
  • Melbourne central student discount club (check out: http://www.melbournecentral.com.au/)
  • Student Union sometimes has free events for students (check out: http://www.su.rmit.edu.au/ for more information)
  • Hoyts and Village cinemas usually have student tickets which is a bit cheaper.
  • Myer has a 10% student discount for clothes
  • The royal Melbourne Show and other events advertised on ticketek.com usually sells student tickets.
  • Sign up for STUDENT UNION. It is worth it, as you will get an ISIC card with lots of student discounts and other goodies.
  • Go to orientation days to get plenty more student discounts
  • Bibas and other student hairdressing services usually employ apprentices so they might have a student discount. It is well worth asking them.
  • Utimes the student magazine in Melbourne might have some discount coupons in them. It is well worth a read.
  • Savers in Brunswick, Footscray, Greensborough have 10% student discount.
  • Grilld (a burger joint) has a free drink with burger purchases on Mondays and Tuesdays
  • The Student Union has a free breakfast a bbq day each week of the semester.
  • Endevour (a massage place) in the city also has student discounts Check their sign for more details
  • Sometimes it is worth downloading you favorite store’s app or joining their Facebook page to get some special discounts

4)      Can I pay student concession fees for public transport if I’m an international student?

No, only Education Abroad and local students get concession for public transport. If you buy a concession ticket without a concession card (note: student id or ISIC card is NOT a valid concession card) you will be fined $180.

5)      What currency do we use in Australia?

We use the Australian dollars here. You can check out the currency conversion rate at: http://www.iccfx.com/convert.php

6)      I heard that there is a free wireless service at RMIT. How do I get it?

You can go to the RMIT IT helpdesk within the hours of operation and get them to do it for you (note: the hours of operation are posted on their door. Each semester in the first few weeks it gets hectic in the afternoon, so best to go in the morning if you can 🙂 )