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the careers expo and south melbourne market

Today I went to the Herald Sun’s career expo. It was free for me because I got the ticket through Catalyst a student magazine.

Fridays at the careers expo is the day that the schools come. Hence it was packed there.
But I did get to sample a free hot coffee from Hospitality training Australia- this is a place that does training for students about coffee making and wait staff. They said that it was important that students get trained on how to use the coffee machines, coffees and other stuff before they work as wait/bar staff. It is about $105 and it goes for about ten weeks. The school is in the city.
There are lots of other courses on offer for students. There was another school offering to teach students on being a barista.
Wangamama is looking for people to be wait staff. They are offering jobs at the expo.
You can look for jobs online at
Also Youth Central has lots of information on managing money.
There were lots of performances on the day such as VU’s science show.

After that I went to the South Melbourne Market on the number 96 tram (about five minutes from the careers expo). It’s in zone 1. I could happily live here. Here it is a student haven. Everything here is under $10. The bakery in the food court had a special of 3 loaves of bread for $5. OMOMOMOMOM!!!!
There’s another bakery outside which did a special of $5 per loaf of bread, but I already had bread at home.

At PADRO coffee house where they make their own blend

The coffee machines which you can buy here

At the spice and oil shop opposite PADRO’s

At the organic shop buying popcorn

Then there are fruit and vegetable stalls which sold everything for under $5 a kg. I didn’t have a chance to go into the meat and fish section so I can’t comment on that.


Careers Expo.

Here the entry to the expo was free for RMIT students. It was in Royal Exhibition building, not too far from Parliament station. It was within very easy walking distance. It was a cloudy day.
Lots and lots of exhibitors came and gave good advice to students. There was even a lot of freebies, some good some bad. I loved the paper clips, the TRU energy jelly beans, the police mobile attachment and the environmentally friendly pad and pen which I got from a stall that I can’t remember the name of.
There were heaps of students on the day so come early.

job search sites

hey here are some sites that you can search to look for jobs whilst you are studying in australia:
these sites have jobs daily. so it is worth a look. hospitality and retail are the two most popular sections that students look at.
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