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Two Bob by Katherine

Two Bob is a relatively new cafe in Clifton hill near Queens parade. It is in an old building. Here it is a big and airy cafe and has had a few positive reviews.
They are kid friendly as well as pram friendly. I loved the big communual tables and the lovely table decorations. They do get busy over the weekend as any other cafe in Clifton Hill and Melbourne/
The staff there are really friendly and they didn’t mind me taking photos and asking about their menu. Nor did they mind all the questions about the menu.

Most of the things on the specials board are vegetarian which is great. And they also have organic drinks and wine. Yay Another wine place.
The bathrooms are down the back and they are small. But at least they are not outside.
What really intrigued me was the hotcake special ($14.50). I was told it was a summer special and that their specials change once in a while. Although it looked really small it tasted great and freshly made. I really loved this.
I loved the fresh strawberries and the subtle hints of meringue. Lovely.
They are also known for their good coffee and this did not disappoint. This long black ($3.5) was done by Coffee Supreme and it was great. I love coffees by Coffee Supreme.
I think I’d back to try out their cakes and vegan burger. I’d love for Big Fil to try out this cafe.

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Cafe Giraffe by Katherine

Cafe Giraffe is so close to my workplace in the city yet I had not checked it out until about now. About 11 or more reviewers have been here and said that it was really good for students.

The cafe is run by Asians but it was quite cute and kitchy and good for families. It’s not always likely that a cafe has board games and is in the city. Also a really quirky touch is the wishing tree where complements are written.

The Asians are students who don’t speak a lot of good English.

Good WI-FI though.

They have a huge selection of desserts and meals for under $10.50

The food here is lovely. Although it is cheap its is good. My noodles were $7.50 (normally $10 but they had a $7.50 Special for all food). If you order food like I did, the coffee is just $2 extra (normally $3).

The noodles here were fresh and the gyoza was the best that I have ever had. It was crispy and crunchy the way it should be.

My long black was just meh, but my friend enjoyed his coffee. He also loved the look of my food and loved my gyoza (He tried a piece).

Its a lovely place to visit and enjoy a good book and a cup of tea. Now I can see why so many people rave about the place.

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QUPI is a cafe at RMIT city campus.
Here they sell small coffees for $2.50 and they might have a discount for students.
They are open from morning to sometime late afternoon and the place is always packed.
See RMIT does have some services for students

Breakfast thieves by Katherine

This morning I headed north up to Bundoora West campus and along the way I decided to take a quick break.  The trip to Bundoora from the city is about one hour and the Breakfast thieves is just in Gore st, just parralel from Smith st. There are trams that run to and from the place.

The place is in an area where there are warehouses so it was hard to find. But once I saw the outdoor seating it was all good.  The place is sooo big and you can see the kitchen from where you are sitting. They get quite busy during the weekends so it is better to go during the weekdays if you can.  12 other bloggers have raved about this place.

It is also dog friendly and I got to pat a dog. Yay!!!

This place does fair trade coffee. Their coffee beans come from STREAT and it was the normal blend that I had today.  The coffee was winey and a little bit nutty. It was a $3.50 long black.

With that I had the Legend ($18). The legend was baked eggs with chorizo (I chose vegetarian by the way), some sort of cheese, rocket, mushrooms, capsicium, tomato and herbed bread. The bread was amazing and so was the baked eggs. It did take a while to make but the amazing goodness made up for it. Yum.
I struggled to finish this as it was way too filling so I suggest sharing it or asking for a small one.
I loved the spices in it, but if you are not someone that loves a lot of spicy food best not to order this as it has spices.

I’d come back with Sally and I’d love to see what Big Fil thought of it as he loves these sorts of places. People if you are visiting Melbourne this is worth checking out.

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Clement Stall 89 by Katherine

This is one of South Melbourne’s newest shops. It has been opened for a few months and already its attracting so many coffee lovers.
It was here that they just do pure coffee and want to concentrate on just that. Yay. The only food that they had is cookies ($4). The chocolate chip one is just divine.

There’s not much seating except for outside. And they have crates as tables which was sure to be uncomfortable but they said that they are getting some new tables so not long to wait for them.
That and an aeropress. I can taste the fruitiness in this. It was done using their own blend of La Perla. They are actually a coffee bean roaster hence they make all of their own beans. Whilst not as famous as Coffee Supreme they are getting there.
Oh I just wish that they had cold drip for the summer as that would be nice.
And I can’t wait for more food such as pastries to be ordered

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De Alleyway Espresso and Panzerotti

I walked past De Alleyway and have heard many good things from the Eat and Be merry team. It is in the same place as the Chokolait and they have been opened for six months.
Their kitchen is open and you can see what they are making
The staff are really friendly and down to earth.  De Alleyway staff did just that in a friendly way so I was happy to give them some suggestions.
I loved the couch.

Their motto: keep everything simple which they did brilliantly. Hence the small space and limited food menu which changes daily
Their coffee beans are from Mailing room and when my long black ($3.30) came to the table it smelt winey. It was bitter with a small hint of fruit in there.
I had a gaelic tomato tart with salad ($6.50). Their salad changes daily and today it was a half poached egg salad with lemon dressing. I quite liked the dressing. They could have put just a tiny bit of onion ot it if people preferred, but it all comes down to preference.
The tart was a little soft- it was more of a quiche. But I still liked the fact that it was homemade, just like most things in Melbourne
Come down here when you have only got some change and this will feed you really easily. Oh yeah and in winter it comes with soup instead.
One word for it: yummilicious.

The other place I went to also fills me up easily and that is Panzerotti. It hasn’t got a lot of exposure yet, but I’m sure that it will.
I came only for the dessert pastry of raspberry and White chocolate ($3.90). It was devine but messy to eat and I got the juice everywhere. And it was filling. Yay for some good things on this side of town. It’s not often that you find good things in the city for cheap

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2Pocket by Katherine

2pocket is a new coffee place that just opened in the city. They are in Lt lonsdale st next door to Catherine Manuel Designs. They open at 7:30am most days.

Here this is a really quiet place to study and like Towfd they sell teas, chips and chocolate. Oh yeah and coffee beans.  They are a fairtrade place.

They are just a coffee hence they don’t do much food.
They do their own coffee blend and I got to sample it today. Yay. For $3.80 I had a long black. It was chocolatey, nutty, smokey and a bit bitter. I didn’t mind the bitterness though. I loved it.

The Asian guy that served me was lovely. He seemed really knowledge about the blend of coffee and told me that some of the profits goes to the producer and the supplier and some of it they keep for themselves.

But I just wished that they served more food than just their pastries, biscuits and chocolates. I encourage you to visit when you can.

Plunger coffee by Katherine

You can easily make plunger coffee at home. It just takes time and patience to do it right. Hence this is not a drink to be made in a hurry.
I got to try courtesy of my friend two sachets of Italian espresso by Robert Timms.
I have never done this before as I’ve always had instant coffee.
You just put the bags into the plunger and then you add hot water (not boiling water). You plunge it five times, wait about two minutes and then you plunge another five times. And then enjoy.
My coffee was rather weak… I prefer instant, but this is great for when you have the time to enjoy this. A pack of Robert Timms outside costs around $8. (A pack of 28 bags that is)

Its effects on you:
Its filtered hence there are a lot more antioxidants. As well as that there is more flavouring. Some people might not be able to sleep on this.
But this is great if you need a pick me up.

I probably wouldn’t do this all the time as it is expensive, but occassionally yes.

Medallion by Katherine

I used to come here a lot when i was working my old place in Lonsdale st in the Greek precinct. I used love their Greek food.
But ever since I moved places it had been really hard. Now I’m a bit far away.
I had some time today and so I went to visit. This place used to be smaller. Now its big and virtually empty. I came at 11.30am just wanting Greek coffee ($4) and a cake ($6- I think my cake Galatiboreko (something like that)).

My cake was lovely and creamy and not like the one I just had at Stalactities. No this is much better. And a lot less sweet which I love. I hate things being too sickly sweet.
Same as the coffee. It had that lovely flavour and you can add water to it if need be.

Now I might just come back for some spanakopita (Greek spinach pie).

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The bell jar by Katherine

Today I went to the Bell Jar for a quick coffee. I read the 12 or more blog posts on Urbanspoon about this place. They were also highly rated in the Age cafe guides in the past few years.
The Bell Jar is on the way to Bundoora campus. Because it is quite small in size and in a place where all the factories are it is quite hard to find. It is just around the corner from the tram stop.
The Bell Jar does really good coffees and the owner (Stu I think his name is) owns a lovely cat which I got to pat. I think the cat really liked me because it sat right next to me and purred.

I think all of their food is organic and some of it is vegetarian. They have lovely blackboard menu which has their specials on it. Its not often you see these in cafes in Melbourne.
however it is quite often in cafes that the bathrooms are in the courtyard and up a few steps. You’d have to wear really flat shoes to get up those steps. And luckily I was.
The service was a bit of a hit and miss here, but the food made up for it. The food service was painfully slow and I had to wait ages for food when the place wasn’t busy. The coffee however came out quick (it was a short black and at $3- what the?).
I don’t mind that the staff eat in front of their customers to try the food. I do it too at Realfoods sometimes when I want to try a new product.
The food was really good and the staff are accomodating of your needs. Its often that staff are accomodating of someone’s needs and requests and RMIT are not. RMIT (they are a university) are in fact opposite of this cafe. RMIT serves hundreds of students yet they are not accomodating of people like Sally with disabilities.
I had the ricotta pancakes ( $16- it should be a little bit less without the cream) without mascarpone as the mascarpone cream sometimes makes me feel a bit fat and has extra kilojoules that I don’t need. It was a bit expensive without the cream but nonetheless I still liked it. I loved the use of half a pear and all the walnuts. Realfoods goodness. Yummy says I.
The coffee too was quite good- It had the hint of cherry to this as well as an acidic bite to this. Hence the bitterness. It was a tad bit smokey.
Now I know why the others loved the place. I shall recommend that Sally visits the place with me next time.

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