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Pirates party at The Wharf Hotel

I was invited to the Pirates party as I’m a member of the Wharf hotel. You may remember a review from some time ago about this place.
It was their 2nd birthday (this place had been opened for three years, but I never knew this place existed until this year when I went with my library group)

Here they had free food and drinks for all of their members.
And outlandishly cool clothes.
And great entertainment all night long.
The place was a buzz when I arrived with my friend.
Many thanks to the Wharf hotel for putting this on and I’ll continue to be one of your customers.


Chinatown market by Katherine

The Chinatown market is in Hefferman lane in the city and its held every third Friday from 4pm-10pm. This is one Asian Hawker style market which doesn’t occur often enough for all the Asians in Melbourne. Good thing that it was a sunny day today. Could enjoy being out in the sun
There was a few things on offer today… but there could have been more stuff such as Vietnamese food. I suppose given the space there really wasn’t much room for lots of stalls.
There were lots of people there today.
I got to try Popiah for the first time ($6.5- for two rolls), dumplings ($5 per plate) and winter melon tea. The dumplings were rather small and not very filling. There was 5 per small plate, hence $5 was a bit of a rip off. The vegetarian ones fell apart. The seafood one was just ok.

I really liked the Popiah. Popiah is a Malaysian spring roll, best enjoyed cold. You can choose vegetarian or meat and they come as mild or spicy. I chose the mild one because I wasn’t up for the spicy one. At $6.5 fwor two, I got myself a bargain as these were big, tasty and filling. Oh well at least I learnt what popiah is.
The winter melon tea was really sweet. In fact too sweet for my liking but oh well.
For a change there was also an ice cream truck. I didn’t have a chance to try the ice cream but I heard that it s really good.
Same as with the fish ball sticks, satay, noodles etc. I couldn’t stay long as I had a dinner meeting somewhere else in Melbourne. But whilst I was there I learned lots. The next time when I come we’ll have to try lots more stuff and stay for ages

Mamak night and the two sides to a story photo exhibition

Last night was Mamak night and it was held in the basement of 488 Swanston st (Arrow on Swanston). It is right next to the apartment block. I was a little confused when I first visited for the fortnightly meeting this month.

But the food there was good, except for the roti. The roti was a little too thick for my liking but I liked the rest of it.

I also had the cendol (One of Malaysia’s favourite drinks and it was for $2.50. That $2.50 goes to the Arrow neighbourhood to raise funds for a Thermomix).
The cendol is a cold and sweet drink best enjoyed during summer.

I loved the assam laksa.

Meld also gave away some prizes and free lollies to their followers.

I had fun at the photo booth and my photo is on their Facebook page.

Also there was an exhibition showing international student success in Melbourne.

Many thanks to Meld Magazine and the City of Melbourne for putting on such a good show.

The Royal Melbourne Show by Katherine

I bought my ticket for the early bird price of $22 as a friend of mine is a RACV member. Yay and I didn’t have to pay the extra $15 to see the MKR show as it was free.
We got there by public transport. But if we were to drive there it would cost a ridiculous $20 just for parking just for the two of us. I had a monthly and my friend just had MYKI money. Btw there is nowhere to recharge MYKI so you have to do it at the station.

The ATM facilities are limited so its a great idea to make sure that you have heaps of cash before you come. If you don’t there is an ATM in Shopping village next door so you can always get money out before you enter. Or if you are coming by train you can get money out at Flinders st or Southern Cross station as they have heaps of ATMS.

There were heaps of cute things in the Art, Craft and Cookery pavilion.

There is so many free things to do at the show such as see all the cooking demonstrations, milk a cow, see the Pets and sample lots and lots of food. You even get some products for free to take home. I did have to pay $1 for a really good spirally apple and $4 for some really great Timboon Ice cream.

But the only downside is that show bags can cost quite a lot and you don’t get much in them. But I got 2 food bags for $10 and a Women’s weekly for $15. My friend got carried away and got way too many. She got about 7 bags.
The rides too can cost a lot.  But we are not fans of the rides or the games.

The MKR stuff was really cool. Normally you’d have to pay $15 but it was free. Great and I loved Karen Martini. She was a really great host. Nick and Rocco were really fun to watch. sorry I couldn’t take any pictures of the boys- it was so dark in there and there was so much security around that place. 

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