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Free breakfast at Carlton

Students there is free breakfast once every week at RMIT Carlton campus. It is for all students and it’s organised by RMIT student Union.
There’s crossaints, muffins, bagels you name it.
The Student Union loves you and is there for all students.


RMIT Japan Club Sports day

Yesterday was the RMIT Japan Club’s sports day and we all went to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatics center known as MSAC.
MSAC is such a lovely area but it is really expensive to park there. It is also expensive for an individual to hire a court. But twelve people came and the price was not too bad for a group. Several members of our group came late so we only had one hour to play basketball.

And then we braved the cold and went outside to play soccer in the park. It took a while to choose a good spot where there was no bird poo.

It was good fun and there was prizes to be won. After two hours we were all tired and starving so we went back to the city for some beer at Oxford Scholar and dinner. And then home to bed.

Many thanks to the RMIT Japan Club for such a good day out.

Stress less week

This week is Stress less week. Which means free water and cupcakes and massages. What a perfect way to end the semester just before the exams.

All from Student Union and All for students

Free breakfast at the City campus and Bundoora campus

Brought to you  by your SSAF (Student Serivces Amenities Fee) fee

RMIT student Union runs free breakfast once a week during the semester for all students in Bundoora and the city campus. Days are likely to change during the year so keep your eyes peeled.

The free breakfasts usually have some sort of pastries and muffins and bagels. Yummy.

RAA Free BBQ for its members

Today the RMIT Asian Association held a free BBQ for its members. It is $5 to sign up and you’ll get lots and lots of freebies from them and photos and stuff.

The RMIT Asian Association is based in the city but they are planning on expawnding their club to Bundoora for the Bundy students. Which means more events and stuff. There’ll be more sports events in Bundoora.

Log off day number 2 and free cupcakes by Katherine

Proudly supported by your Student Union and your SSAF fees.
Log off encourages people not use technology but to connect with friends by doing things together. It can include playing board games and ball games.
Here are the pictures.
More free food
More prizes to be won so come on down.

I had heaps of fun playing this game of Jenga

Love the t-shirt

The survey in which we all filled out at the end

And then I went outside for free cupcakes also supported by the SSAF fees. I went to support the final year art students as they get funding from the Union for their exhibition depending on how many people turn up to get some free cupcakes and put their name down. Its feels great to be supporting students and I encourage you to come on down.

Realfoods new bento boxes and the cooking class

The RUSU Realfoods café’s ‘Real Soul Food’ cooking class was held on the evening of August 14 in the RMIT City Campus Foodcourt. It was very stormy weather outside so the ‘winter warmers’ recipe theme was even more appropriate. We started off with a few housekeeping things and samples from a sponsor of the event: E3 Live (which is a nutrition supplement product based on blue-green). The café co-ordinator Lucy then thanked the Realfoods volunteers who came to help out on the night and Aditi (the RUSU Environment Officer) and the special guest chef presenter Julie Mitsios was introduced.

Photo by Anthony Branson- realfoods volunteer

Chef Julie spoke about her carerer and love of food, and introduced all the recipes she was going to make. These were simple ones where there is not a lot of cooking but mostly blending and chopping. Julie used to be a pastry chef. After a while she decided that she didn’t like using animal products so she started investigating healthy eating options. Her sister also has type 1 diabetes and that’s what got her started on being vegan chef.

Prizes were drawn throughout the night and people won great items such as a mini veggie garden, a dvd and a book. We also got a goodie bag, full of stuff like fair-trade tea and the RMIT Catalyst magazine.

In the intermission, there was dinner, drinks and desserts for sale. I had a bento box ($10) and brown rice sushi ($3.30 a piece). I loved both of them. The bento was really good and filling and the two flavours of sushis were both nice. I liked the apricot one the most as it was fruity and I love fruity stuff.

Many thanks to Lucy and her volunteers for putting this on and for what a success it has been. I look forward to coming to more of these events soon and I hope all of you can come to the next one as well.

orientation events at RMIT

This years Orientation will be massive!!!!

YAY!!!! More freebies! Yes please!

And for new international students there will be information sessions every day in February to help you get settled in.

There are 4 Big O’days at four of the five campuses and a welcome back party for all the newbies and the old students. This is your chance to get to know one another.

At these O’days there will be lots of stalls, giveways, clubs that you can join, free food, entertainment and more. And if you sign up for Student Union it will be $30 for the whole year instead of the normal $60. With your Student Union Membership there will be free entry to the Onite party as well as membership goodie bag full with a USB, pens and other things such as free MI GORENG. For more information on clubs and membership check out: Oh yeah and did I forget to mention it also includes an ISIC card which enables you to thousands of discounts

The Commonwealth bank is doing a Heaps free orientation hunt. To find out more check out:

The information below was taken from the RMIT website (;ID=xkfl0xywpnh8z, Accessed: 11/1/2012)

Orientation dates 2012- Semester 1

Big O Day/s

Date:Location: Tuesday – 21 FebruaryBrunswick (TAFE & Higher Education) 11am-2pm
Date:Location: Wednesday – 22 FebruaryBundoora (TAFE & Higher Education) 11am-2pm
Date:Location: Thursday – 23 FebruaryCity (TAFE & Higher Education) 1-5pm

TAFE welcome breakfast

Date:Location: Tuesday – 7 FebruaryBrunswick (TAFE) 7.30-9.30am
Date:Location: Wednesday – 8 FebruaryCity (TAFE) 7.30-9.30am

VCE welcome lunch BBQ

Date:Location: Tuesday – 31 JanuaryCity 12.00-1.30pm

Postgraduate welcome

Date:Location: Wednesday – 14 MarchBundoora 4-5.30pm
Date:Location: Thursday – 15 MarchCity 4-5.30pm

Stress less week

This week was Stress Less Week. There were stalls manned by the Student Union. They gave away free fruit, food, stress balls in the shape of a brain, calendars, 5 minute massages and free advice on what to do if you can’t make it to an exam. Many students came to this event and the balls were really popular.
Special consideration is one of the primary focuses of the blog. I have been talking about how to avoid the need for it, but sometimes you can’t. If you can’t you need to download a form from the RMIT website, print it out, fill it in (if it is necessary get your doctor to fill in the medical bit and tick severe( if they don’t tick severe chances are your application will be rejected)) and hand it in with the supporting documentation at the HUB on your campus. Then you will have to wait about 10 days for a decision to be made.
If your application was rejected, then you should ask the Student Union for some advice on what to do next. The student union has highly trained Student rights officers who can assist you.
Back to the event though. During the week there were free beef rolls and hot dogs. I had a hot dog at the Carlton campus and the meat was so artificial. The roll was chewy and too big for me.
I did like the balls and the fruit though.

The poster

The free fruit

drinks with friends visit 2

Today there was another drinks with Friends event at the city campus. But this time there was no free food and the only food was sausages and bread. I’m mainly a vegetarian, but i do like my fish and occasionally I will have meat.
This was on a gray day at Pearson’s and Murphy’s cafe. I was outside freezing my butt off. I had a green tea, to be healthy.
The sausages were provided and sold by a student club wanting to raise money for their end of year ball. I didn’t have a sausage, but some of my collegues did. The shouting to get everyone to buy a sausage was annoying though and I wished that they did cater for the vegetarians though

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