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RMIT Japan Club Sports day

Yesterday was the RMIT Japan Club’s sports day and we all went to the Melbourne Sports and Aquatics center known as MSAC.
MSAC is such a lovely area but it is really expensive to park there. It is also expensive for an individual to hire a court. But twelve people came and the price was not too bad for a group. Several members of our group came late so we only had one hour to play basketball.

And then we braved the cold and went outside to play soccer in the park. It took a while to choose a good spot where there was no bird poo.

It was good fun and there was prizes to be won. After two hours we were all tired and starving so we went back to the city for some beer at Oxford Scholar and dinner. And then home to bed.

Many thanks to the RMIT Japan Club for such a good day out.


Excerise tips

date: 23/3/11
For the latest exercise tips and articles check out: as they regularly have good articles.
Whilst you are thinking about exercise, why not try out this idea? If you are living close to uni, why not ride your bike all the way? You’ll save money and get fit for free. You’ll even save yourself the hassle of waiting for the next train.
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