Medallion by Katherine

I used to come here a lot when i was working my old place in Lonsdale st in the Greek precinct. I used love their Greek food.
But ever since I moved places it had been really hard. Now I’m a bit far away.
I had some time today and so I went to visit. This place used to be smaller. Now its big and virtually empty. I came at 11.30am just wanting Greek coffee ($4) and a cake ($6- I think my cake Galatiboreko (something like that)).

My cake was lovely and creamy and not like the one I just had at Stalactities. No this is much better. And a lot less sweet which I love. I hate things being too sickly sweet.
Same as the coffee. It had that lovely flavour and you can add water to it if need be.

Now I might just come back for some spanakopita (Greek spinach pie).

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