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Roast beetroot, beans and pasta salad

Serves 1
You can use last nights roasted beetroot as they taste nicer the next day.

1 roast beetroot
1 small can of beans
1 lebanese cucumber
1 handful of cooked  pasta
1 carrot

Slice the carrot and the cucumber and mix everything together in the bowl. Enjoy


Free breakfast at Carlton

Students there is free breakfast once every week at RMIT Carlton campus. It is for all students and it’s organised by RMIT student Union.
There’s crossaints, muffins, bagels you name it.
The Student Union loves you and is there for all students.

Mojito teas from Lipton by Katherine and Sally

One word for this: Refreshing

A mocktail is like an alcoholic drink except that there is no alcohol in this. It’s just ingreadients mixed with some sort of soft drink. Perfect for summer to cool you down.
100% natural iced tea

Onlt $2.60-$4 all over Melbourne

Bhanh mi

Bhanh mi is a type of Vietnamese roll with fillings. Just like your typical sandwich except you can choose your fillings and your sauce. There is also chillis as well if you want.
They are priced somewhere between $4-$6 per roll. You can buy them in Richmond, Newmarket, Footscray, Dandenong etc.


Crossways is a little cheap lunch place next door to the RMIT Capitol theatre. It has been visited by many students, workers and bloggers alike.
It is a vegetarian place and you cannot bring any outside foods here. But that’s ok I wasn’t planning to bring outside food in.
It is a not for profit place and all the meals are homemade. You can have refills of the main as it is an all you can eat.

It is run by volunteers and the restaurant has received an award from RMIT university. I love all the pictures on the wall.
Although it was busy the service was quick. I was out within the hour.
The main meals change daily and there is only one special.
They have $5.50 meals for students and pensioners and $7.50 meals for everyone else.  It is cash only. It includes a drink, a main, pappadums and dessert. The main changes daily but todays main was a chickpea curry.
The curry looked a bit watery, but it was nice. I loved all the beans and vegetables and I love that they did 3/4 of a plate full of vegetables and one quarter of it rice otherwise I would not be able to finish this.
I love love loved the pappadums. They were huge and really crispy.
I have never had halawa before so I can’t really comment on this. But halawa is sweet and loved the custard that came with it. And it comes with all sorts of different fruit inside. Today’s flavour was pineapple.
Yum I would reccommend that everyone visits this lil place as it the cheapest and best meal you can get in Melbourne. And this is the sort of place that I’d visit with loose change.

Crossways Food For Life on Urbanspoon

Green smoothie

How to make it:
go for 2 cups of water, 2 medjool dates, 2 ripe and pre-frozen bananas, and a big handfull of baby spinach. The ratio for a good tasting green smoothie is 60% fruit to 40% greens with water as your liquid base. Happy blending!


Realfoods new bento boxes and the cooking class

The RUSU Realfoods café’s ‘Real Soul Food’ cooking class was held on the evening of August 14 in the RMIT City Campus Foodcourt. It was very stormy weather outside so the ‘winter warmers’ recipe theme was even more appropriate. We started off with a few housekeeping things and samples from a sponsor of the event: E3 Live (which is a nutrition supplement product based on blue-green). The café co-ordinator Lucy then thanked the Realfoods volunteers who came to help out on the night and Aditi (the RUSU Environment Officer) and the special guest chef presenter Julie Mitsios was introduced.

Photo by Anthony Branson- realfoods volunteer

Chef Julie spoke about her carerer and love of food, and introduced all the recipes she was going to make. These were simple ones where there is not a lot of cooking but mostly blending and chopping. Julie used to be a pastry chef. After a while she decided that she didn’t like using animal products so she started investigating healthy eating options. Her sister also has type 1 diabetes and that’s what got her started on being vegan chef.

Prizes were drawn throughout the night and people won great items such as a mini veggie garden, a dvd and a book. We also got a goodie bag, full of stuff like fair-trade tea and the RMIT Catalyst magazine.

In the intermission, there was dinner, drinks and desserts for sale. I had a bento box ($10) and brown rice sushi ($3.30 a piece). I loved both of them. The bento was really good and filling and the two flavours of sushis were both nice. I liked the apricot one the most as it was fruity and I love fruity stuff.

Many thanks to Lucy and her volunteers for putting this on and for what a success it has been. I look forward to coming to more of these events soon and I hope all of you can come to the next one as well.

Eating at Store 6 South Melbourne Market

Store 6 is a coffee/salad/pie shop in South Melbourne Market. Here it is in a food court therefore there is limited seating. I’ve walked past it a few times thinking that I’ll try this, but never did until now.
They serve Illy coffees and teas. There’s a few vegetarian things in store and you just pick and choose. There is no set menu; its just whatever is on display. Here they have a lunch special of $6.50 for a pie and two salads and I chose this.

The guy was a bit unhappy. He looked like he needed a break. He was a bit grumpy.
The pie was a bit sad looking and soggy. It was vegetarian. I didn’t really enjoy this. It also fell apart when I cut. Maybe they made it the day before and it was just being served. They also didn’t heat it really well.
But I did enjoy the two salads. They were fresh and yummy, although the noodle one had a little too much sauce and the pie was placed right next to it. This might have contributed to its sogginess.
They should really just stick to salads, coffees and biscuits because this is what they do best. Next time I’d come here to try their salads and not their baked goods and I’d warn everyone else to stay away from their pies and quiches.

Real for you- is it really

Real for you is a organic coffee shop serving Seven seeds coffee. They mainly cater for students and staff at Endevour College but anyone is welcome to visit. It wasn’t busy when I arrived this morning, but the guy said that it normally does get busy and yesterday was no exception.
My colleagues have been getting their coffee fix from there and they said that it was good, so I was motivated to try the place.
It’s just a simple organic coffee shop with friendly staff willing to serve you. But there is not much pram room or seats, so most people buy takeaway coffees or lunch.

They sell heaps of organic goodies such as chocolate here, but I wasn’t keen on buying the chocolate. Rather I wanted to try their $2.50 coffees and boy I was satisfied with their coffees! It was strong and very winey. It also a little bitter, but I did not mind in the least.
Their cookie ($2.40) was really good, but it was a bit small for the price. But still, organic goodness comes at an expensive price. I love organic food.

John West tuna and beans

Its huge for what I paid for which is $3.35. It’s got lots of tuna and beans and corn in it. It doesn’t have a lot of water and juices in it.

It’s really meaty.

There’s not much chilli flavour to this

Rating: 3/5

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