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Mamak night and the two sides to a story photo exhibition

Last night was Mamak night and it was held in the basement of 488 Swanston st (Arrow on Swanston). It is right next to the apartment block. I was a little confused when I first visited for the fortnightly meeting this month.

But the food there was good, except for the roti. The roti was a little too thick for my liking but I liked the rest of it.

I also had the cendol (One of Malaysia’s favourite drinks and it was for $2.50. That $2.50 goes to the Arrow neighbourhood to raise funds for a Thermomix).
The cendol is a cold and sweet drink best enjoyed during summer.

I loved the assam laksa.

Meld also gave away some prizes and free lollies to their followers.

I had fun at the photo booth and my photo is on their Facebook page.

Also there was an exhibition showing international student success in Melbourne.

Many thanks to Meld Magazine and the City of Melbourne for putting on such a good show.


Chillipadi by Katherine

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam is a place that has been blogged about by many bloggers. It is in Flemington just a short tram ride away from the show grounds.
It is actually opened at 12pm and not 11.30am as previously mentioned on their website. So my friend and I sat around waiting. But the waitress was kind enough to ask us about drinks and tell us that food won’t be ready. But that’s ok we were still looking and deciding on the food and smelling all the lovely aromas from the kitchen.

The table rocks when I write on it or eat on it. It is wooden and so is the chair. They have huge communual tables and they cater well for kids.
They have a $9.90 weekday lunch special with a free drink. But it was weekend so the drink was not free. And they do have mud crab nights every Fri and Saturday nights but you have to book in advance.
I had pulled tea ($3.90 each) and a Mi Goreng ($10.9 with no calamari). I wanted no calamari because sometimes the ones that restaurants give me is really tough and over cooked and I can’t eat calamari anyway. The mi goreng had too many chicken pieces (some of it was grizzly) in it and not enough wok hei to it. It was a bit cold in places and it didn’t have enough spiciness to it. Perhaps they made this mainly for Australian people not so much Malaysians?
The pulled tea tastes like Chai tea with that milkiness to it which the Malaysians will love. I can taste just a tad bit of honey in this
My friend got the Char Hor Fun ($10.9) and a Ribena drink with Lychee ($4.50). I had this last time and it was good. The Char Hor Fun although I didn’t get to try looked a bit overcooked. But my friend did enjoy this. She couldn’t finish this as there was a lot in there
I really did enjoy the roti though ($4.50 but if you order crab I heard that it came free). This was done like the way that it was shown to me at the Queen Victoria Market’s Indonesian day. This was the star of the day with enough doughiness to it.

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam on Urbanspoon

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