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Koko Black @Lygon st by Katherine

I went to the Koko black on Lygon st having high expectations of it. And the place did not disappoint. In fact it was heaven here.
And I was wowed by all the chocolate. Yummy.
Whilst I was there I got to try some caramel chocolate which was sweet and tasted like toffee. Apparently they do give out samples of chocolate to their customers and I was one of them.

The service was a tad bit slow and unattentitive. I did have to call the waiter a few times. Perhaps they were thinking about going home and not about the customer?

I checked out the bathrooms whilst I was there. It is behind a door and down a very small ramp.
I had the doughnut special( $12.50) with a Green tea ($5 for a pot was a bit pricey. But given that it was a Chanella brand _I forgave them).
The french doughnut (Beignets)  special sounded great and it was a wintry day so I felt like lots of comfort food. Here this special was really good. The doughnuts melted in the mouth like what they should. These were handmade.
The chocolate sauce= heavenly. I could easily hang here all day and night and watch them make chocolate and the world go by.
I loved the ice cream. It was very creamy but smooth.

Given the price I’d probably not visit as much as I’d like to. But I’d happily recommend the place to tourists and all Melburnians alike.

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Mojito teas from Lipton by Katherine and Sally

One word for this: Refreshing

A mocktail is like an alcoholic drink except that there is no alcohol in this. It’s just ingreadients mixed with some sort of soft drink. Perfect for summer to cool you down.
100% natural iced tea

Onlt $2.60-$4 all over Melbourne

Chop Chop Chicken

Not too bad but its canned. You can easily put this in your sandwich. Its a little bit rubbery though. I got this in one of my showbags from the show hence it was free. I’d never buy this at the supermarket

Plunger coffee by Katherine

You can easily make plunger coffee at home. It just takes time and patience to do it right. Hence this is not a drink to be made in a hurry.
I got to try courtesy of my friend two sachets of Italian espresso by Robert Timms.
I have never done this before as I’ve always had instant coffee.
You just put the bags into the plunger and then you add hot water (not boiling water). You plunge it five times, wait about two minutes and then you plunge another five times. And then enjoy.
My coffee was rather weak… I prefer instant, but this is great for when you have the time to enjoy this. A pack of Robert Timms outside costs around $8. (A pack of 28 bags that is)

Its effects on you:
Its filtered hence there are a lot more antioxidants. As well as that there is more flavouring. Some people might not be able to sleep on this.
But this is great if you need a pick me up.

I probably wouldn’t do this all the time as it is expensive, but occassionally yes.

John West tuna and beans

Its huge for what I paid for which is $3.35. It’s got lots of tuna and beans and corn in it. It doesn’t have a lot of water and juices in it.

It’s really meaty.

There’s not much chilli flavour to this

Rating: 3/5

Seakist tuna kit= fat and waste of money

I bought this at Coles supermarket for a hefty price of $3. This is not gluten free and it has 14.8 grams of fat which is a lot considering that it is tuna.  There wasn’t a lot of tuna (38%) in this; more mayonaise than tuna.

The crackers are your average Jazz crackers and there were five of them.

My advice: Don’t buy it unless you want to be ripped off.

Coffee from a coffee vending machine vs cafe

Which do you like better? We put vending machine vs cafe to the test and here are the results:

Coffee from a vending machine is cheap- around $2 per cup. But is it really all that worth it? Here are some of the pros and cons
Cons- it can taste pretty watery
It can taste bland

The machine sometimes doesn’t get cleaned for days hence it is unhygenic. You could run the risk of getting poisoning from bad coffee and an unclean machine
pros- it is cheap

Cafe coffee.

Pros: it tastes much better than the vending machine version

You can enjoy it inside the cafe

It is much cleaner as everything is cleaned before the barista makes the coffee.

Cons: It can be fairly expensive depending on what you buy
For me: I’d stick to the cafe version any day
It does not take long to make

Convent bakery

It was a lovely sunny day and I was in the mood to head down to the Convent bakery. Here they bake their own breads and pastries and distribute it to some of the shops in Melbourne. They also ground their own coffees. I didn’t have a chance to sample them today but will do that next time I visit.

It was packed full of people and there were queues and queues of people with their kids. Some people brought their dogs, which are by the way welcome at the Convent.

They are featured in the Entertainment book with a 25% off the total bill deal. Because I was a solo diner I was not allowed to use the offer.

But I did have a chance to sample some of their organic fare. There were quite a lot of vegetarian dishes on the menu.
I had the baked borlotti beans and toast ($9.50), lime sorbet ($4) and a green tea ($3.50 for two pots- one with water and the other with tea). I felt like a vegetarian meal rather than sandwiches, given that I had quite a few just recently. I was in the mood for brunch.
The tea came out first. The borlotti beans took ages to come out. I had to wait half an hour whilst surrounding tables got their meals first. Those that came in after me got their meals first, which was unfair.
My bread, which was Dench bread, was lovely. But the borlotti beans was far and few. Given the amount of sauce there wasn’t a lot of beans in them. It was hard to eat it as there was no spoon provided. The sauce was a little bland. Some tomatoes in it would be nicer.
But the sorbet was really nice. It came in a massive cup and was nice and refreshing.
I’d come back here to try their coffees, chips (which by the way looked really attractive) and their sandwiches. And maybe with Big Fil if he wants to explore with me.

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Cheap McDonalds ice cream vs Mini Melts and expensive ice cream.

Mini Melts:

These are only $4 for a small tub but I do love it for its popping sensation in the mouth and the burst of flavour.

The expensive Ben and Jerry’s ice cream

They have a wide variety of flavours and I sure do love them, but for $6 a bucket its not exactly cheap hence I will only buy it once in a while. They are from the US hence the hefty price.

Cheap $0.50 McDonalds ice cream

Cons: Its artificially sweet

Its full cream

The machine is a little dirty

There are not many flavours at Maccas

Staff seem a little distant

Macca’s is more money focused


Its really smooth

Big and filling for the price paid

All the ice creameries:


You know that the machine is clean

There is a wider variety of flavours in an ice cream shop

At least the seller knows their stuff

You can mix and match flavours to your liking

The ice cream is fresh and so good


It can be expensive

Breadtop at QV

Breadtop is a fairly cheap student bakery run by Chinese. They are a bakery chain found all over Melbourne and maybe in Sydney too.

Here they various cakes, desserts, breads and ice cream. They have little tubs of ice cream for $3.30. You can buy some bread and cakes to take home. The whole cakes there are about $30-$50 depending on the cake that you buy. They bake all of their stuff on site and you can see them baking and preparing things. There is a tv screen where the cashier is so that you can see how they make their cakes and desserts.
They have an eat in section as well as a takeaway section. Here you choose your breads from the cabinet and take it to the counter and pay for it. If you want coffee or a slice of cake you just order it.
Today I had my favourite triple spring onion roll ($1.80), a green bean ball ($0.70), a long black ($3.00) and a strawberry sponge cake ($4.00). These were not bad for the price that I paid. Even though the coffee was huge, it was a bit meh and I think that it wasn’t mixed properly. All the coffee granules sat at the bottom.
The sponge cake was really soft and nice. I didn’t quite get the bottom bit where it was made out of biscuit. I loved the fresh strawberries on top and inside the cake.
The green bean ball was a bit soft, but flavoursome.
The triple spring onion is still my favourite. This is a good lunchtime option. I loved the spring onion on top and this is bake fresh everyday.

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