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Ways to make money

Need extra money? These are some of the ways to save that extra bit of cash without going over the 20 hours per week.
1) Sell your old textbooks.  You can sell them at Melbourne Uni’s secondhand textbook store and make some money
2) Have a clothes swap party instead of buying brand new clothes. RUSU’s Enviroment collective had one last semester and it was all good
3) Sell your stuff at a market. You can sell stuff at RUSU’s fortnightly markets
4) Eat all the food in the pantry except for the emergency food. Don’t waste food.
5) Make your own products such as soap and stuff. you can
6) Make clothes instead of buying. It could save you heaps of money. I fyou are really great at sewing you could make a dress out of $5 fabric from Lincraft
7) DIY stuff instead of buying it. Like buy plain old shoes from KMART and then jazz it up. You can buy sequins and things from spotlight or riot craft store
8) Go secondhand. Ie buy secondhand books instead of brand new. Secondhand books costs somewhere between $30-$40
9) Rent stuff out to others such as the books that you don’t use for a small fee.
10) Read everything you have or that’s in the house. If you want to read something check that it is in the house. Or borrow it from your local library. Books at the shops cost anywhere between $10-$100.
11) Have a bakesale with your friends if you are really good at baking. You could then make some money from your baked goods and people would love this. Its a great way to use what you have at home and empty the pantry

Cafe Giraffe by Katherine

Cafe Giraffe is so close to my workplace in the city yet I had not checked it out until about now. About 11 or more reviewers have been here and said that it was really good for students.

The cafe is run by Asians but it was quite cute and kitchy and good for families. It’s not always likely that a cafe has board games and is in the city. Also a really quirky touch is the wishing tree where complements are written.

The Asians are students who don’t speak a lot of good English.

Good WI-FI though.

They have a huge selection of desserts and meals for under $10.50

The food here is lovely. Although it is cheap its is good. My noodles were $7.50 (normally $10 but they had a $7.50 Special for all food). If you order food like I did, the coffee is just $2 extra (normally $3).

The noodles here were fresh and the gyoza was the best that I have ever had. It was crispy and crunchy the way it should be.

My long black was just meh, but my friend enjoyed his coffee. He also loved the look of my food and loved my gyoza (He tried a piece).

Its a lovely place to visit and enjoy a good book and a cup of tea. Now I can see why so many people rave about the place.

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Free breakfast at Carlton

Students there is free breakfast once every week at RMIT Carlton campus. It is for all students and it’s organised by RMIT student Union.
There’s crossaints, muffins, bagels you name it.
The Student Union loves you and is there for all students.

WE cafe

I know you probably think that I’m yelling, but that’s just the name of the cafe that I went to.
It is just outside of ther SAB building in the city.Hence this place is popular with the RMIT students from across the road.
The cafe is quite small and very homely. Because it is such as small place there is no bathroom. So I had to go across the road. The bathroom outside of wonderbao was locked. Inside SAB the bathroom was really hard to find. Everything is a maze in there. Of course there isn’t a lot of signage.

I had the the tofu bento which is the only vegetarian one for $8.50.  Drinks can be added for an extra $2. So I had a sweet iced green tea. It was served in a paper cup, why for eat in?
The bento was quite small. Looking around at the other tables it was fair to say that I expected a bigger meal.
Nevertheless the tofu was smooth and the spring rolls were good. Not too much Msg which I like. The rice is only so so but the veggies were fresh. If only they included more noms.
I might just be back to try out some of the other meals, maybe with Big Fil.

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Mamak night and the two sides to a story photo exhibition

Last night was Mamak night and it was held in the basement of 488 Swanston st (Arrow on Swanston). It is right next to the apartment block. I was a little confused when I first visited for the fortnightly meeting this month.

But the food there was good, except for the roti. The roti was a little too thick for my liking but I liked the rest of it.

I also had the cendol (One of Malaysia’s favourite drinks and it was for $2.50. That $2.50 goes to the Arrow neighbourhood to raise funds for a Thermomix).
The cendol is a cold and sweet drink best enjoyed during summer.

I loved the assam laksa.

Meld also gave away some prizes and free lollies to their followers.

I had fun at the photo booth and my photo is on their Facebook page.

Also there was an exhibition showing international student success in Melbourne.

Many thanks to Meld Magazine and the City of Melbourne for putting on such a good show.

Free breakfast at the City campus and Bundoora campus

Brought to you  by your SSAF (Student Serivces Amenities Fee) fee

RMIT student Union runs free breakfast once a week during the semester for all students in Bundoora and the city campus. Days are likely to change during the year so keep your eyes peeled.

The free breakfasts usually have some sort of pastries and muffins and bagels. Yummy.

RAA Free BBQ for its members

Today the RMIT Asian Association held a free BBQ for its members. It is $5 to sign up and you’ll get lots and lots of freebies from them and photos and stuff.

The RMIT Asian Association is based in the city but they are planning on expawnding their club to Bundoora for the Bundy students. Which means more events and stuff. There’ll be more sports events in Bundoora.

Log off day number 2 and free cupcakes by Katherine

Proudly supported by your Student Union and your SSAF fees.
Log off encourages people not use technology but to connect with friends by doing things together. It can include playing board games and ball games.
Here are the pictures.
More free food
More prizes to be won so come on down.

I had heaps of fun playing this game of Jenga

Love the t-shirt

The survey in which we all filled out at the end

And then I went outside for free cupcakes also supported by the SSAF fees. I went to support the final year art students as they get funding from the Union for their exhibition depending on how many people turn up to get some free cupcakes and put their name down. Its feels great to be supporting students and I encourage you to come on down.


Crossways is a little cheap lunch place next door to the RMIT Capitol theatre. It has been visited by many students, workers and bloggers alike.
It is a vegetarian place and you cannot bring any outside foods here. But that’s ok I wasn’t planning to bring outside food in.
It is a not for profit place and all the meals are homemade. You can have refills of the main as it is an all you can eat.

It is run by volunteers and the restaurant has received an award from RMIT university. I love all the pictures on the wall.
Although it was busy the service was quick. I was out within the hour.
The main meals change daily and there is only one special.
They have $5.50 meals for students and pensioners and $7.50 meals for everyone else.  It is cash only. It includes a drink, a main, pappadums and dessert. The main changes daily but todays main was a chickpea curry.
The curry looked a bit watery, but it was nice. I loved all the beans and vegetables and I love that they did 3/4 of a plate full of vegetables and one quarter of it rice otherwise I would not be able to finish this.
I love love loved the pappadums. They were huge and really crispy.
I have never had halawa before so I can’t really comment on this. But halawa is sweet and loved the custard that came with it. And it comes with all sorts of different fruit inside. Today’s flavour was pineapple.
Yum I would reccommend that everyone visits this lil place as it the cheapest and best meal you can get in Melbourne. And this is the sort of place that I’d visit with loose change.

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Money saving ideas for students

Here are some money saving ideas for students. I know that as a student you need every single cent for the rainy days. Here’s some ways to save money
1) Collect free furniture. Did you know that RUSU has free furniture on Wednesdays? Well they do during semester. You can collect heaps of chairs, desks, tables all for free.
2) Use your buy one get one free vouchers that you get at Orientation events and other events. I shared one with a friend and we both ended up spliting the cost for the other one.
3) Do big cook ups on Sundays and then put some of your meals in the freezer for the week. Things to cook up could be stews, soups, curries, chicken etc. The freezer is your friend in this case and it is a good idea to shop around for the best one.
4) Go to all the free RUSU events going on all year and then you can have lots of fun cheaply. Cheap is great. RUSU has many events on for free or really cheap for non members
5) Don’t go out all the time for lunch or other meals. Once a week is ok. But if you do go out for meals see if you can try and share them with a friend as you would share the costs.
6) Bring your own lunch from home- I know this might be hard seeing as SAB doesn’t have microwaves. But the city campus has heaps more microwaves. And during the summer months you could have a salad and sandwich.
7) Carpool- if you go to the Bundoora campus and one of your mates does why not share a ride? And take turns in driving?
8) Make coffess yourself at home- I know they taste horrid but when you get used to the idea it is easier.
9) Grocery shop on Cheap days
10) Look for $5 coffee and muffin deals if you need to buy coffee outside. Mrs Fields has plenty fo them and so does some of the other places in the city.
11) Bulk buy your groceries- Look out for discounts in your weekly mail. Someimes there are discounts in Good Taste Magazines for Woolworths.
12) Buy tickets to events online- you can save heaps and heaps of money. Sometimes RUSU has competitions for their members and you can win some free tickets. Occassionally RMIT gives away some free movie tickets if you participate in their focus groups.
13) Join heaps of loyalty clubs for free- your favourite stores send you newsletters and heaps of discounts off stuff
14) If you live close to Uni you could walk to Uni and save money on gym memberships. Or live within about 5 kms of Uni you could ride your bike on a nice day. Save money on Public transport and parking. And it also saves money on Gym Memberships
15) Be healthy. Did you know that by being healthy you could save heaps of money on going to the hospital or the doctor?
16) Use your council. Did you know that council offer free things and events for its residents and there are free libraries for all to use? You can borrow books for free.
17) Hold a bakeathon at your house and have everyone having a go at baking. You’ll have heaps of fun and lots of snacks for the next two weeks.
18) Go to lots of Op-shops for your clothes. Op shops sell clothes in mint condition for a great price. Some of them you can find clothes for $3-$6
 19) Volunteer at places like Realfoods and Kinfolk. Here you can make friends and learn lots of skills for free. And have free meals occassionally and drinks. Sometimes these places hold cooking classes free for all.
20) Make sure that you shop around when finding a bank/phone/internet as some deals are better for you than others. Make sure that you sign up for a deal that is right for you. No two people are the same.
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