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Looking for work

During your time in Melbourne you might need to look for part time work whilst you are studying depending on your income.

Where can I find jobs?

You can find them in the Saturday Age or on the notice boards around campus.


Alternatively you can look online at:

Or on the RMIT website.

How to apply for jobs?

Cover letter:

You need a one page cover letter when you apply for jobs. It should mainly focus on the key selection criteria as well as your work and education history.

Always end the letter with a “Yours sincerly” and a “Look forward to hearing from you soon”

Always address a letter with the company’s address as well as your own.


A resume should be about 2-3 pages in length and it should focus on your work history and your education as well as talk a bit about the selection criteria.

You should always use a proper email address and telephone number.

You don’t need a photo of yourself in your resume. In fact in here it is frowned upon.

You should always get some one to check your resume for you. You can ask the RMIT careers service to help you out.

If your resume is successful you will be called in for an interview. For the interview you should wear a suit and be adequately prepared. Don’t be late for the interview. Arrive  15 minutes early just to settle yourself.

Good luck in the job hunt, as jobs are very hard to find here. Don’t expect to find a job straightaway.  Most students work as waitstaff, retail staff, call centre staff etc. Remember you only have 20 hours per week during the semester in which you are allowed to work in and you can work full time during the semester break.


Don’t work here

Work rights

date: 5/4/11
             You have the right to:
  • Join a union
  • To be treated fairly
  • To be dismissed fairly
  • To be paid the right wage (not below the minimum wage)
  • A safe place
  • Have a break for every few hours that you work.

job search sites

hey here are some sites that you can search to look for jobs whilst you are studying in australia:
these sites have jobs daily. so it is worth a look. hospitality and retail are the two most popular sections that students look at.
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