FAQ Campus life

1)      How much is it to become a student union member?

It costs $60 per year, but sometimes the price changes and there may be some specials. Check out: http://www.su.rmit.edu.au/

2)      What are the benefits in being a member?

You get plenty of awesome discounts, run in student elections and win pretty cool prizes.

3)      Where can I go if I’m having problems with the uni?

You can get free help from the Student Union.

4)      Where can I go if I’m having problems outside of uni such as at home?

The Student Union has a drop in centre called “Compass”. No appointments necessary. It is staffed by a full time counsellor who can refer you on to other services.

5)      How many hours do I need for study?

I’d say you would need about 90-100 hours per week (depending on the subject), more during exam time.

6)      Where can I get my timetable? For Higher Ed you can make your timetable using the Student Timetabling System found on MYRMIT. Get in early, as all the good spots fill up. For TAFE you need to go to your school to get your timetable

7)      Where can I get information about courses?

You can visit the Info Corner on the corner of Swanston and Latrobe Sts Melbourne. Or you can call or email RMIT Info corner.

8)      What are the fees for International students to study per semester?

The fees range from $19000- $28000 depending on the course that you are doing. It is best to ask the Info Corner this question.

9)      How do I pay my fees?

You can pay by phone, Internet or in person. There are instructions on the bottom of your invoice.

10)  When do I need to arrive in Aus before the semester starts to settle in?

I’d say around 2-3 weeks before the semester starts to give you enough time to find a house and establish yourself.

11)  My classroom is labelled 018.09.009. What does that mean?

It means Building 18, level 9, room 9.

12)  Where can I make friends at RMIT?

There are heaps of ways, such as joining some Student Union clubs, volunteering within the University, joining some sporting clubs and the list goes on and on.

13) What are some of the academic policies of RMIT and how can I successfully appeal them, if need be.  You can check out this page for RMIT’s academic progress policy.http://rmit.edu.au/browse;ID=vj2g89cve4uj1. RMIT sometimes changes their policy so it is worth checking that page every now and then.

You can also appeal your results if you are unhappy with them and think that something should have been done. I.e no feedback on assignments or the Special Consideration (see earlier posts) should have been granted.

You can also appeal your Special Consideration rejection by speaking to the Student Union and getting them to help you write a letter.

You can make a complaint to RMIT with the help of the Student union.

            These questions and answers are written so that there are not too many of the same question all over my blog. You should definitely read these before asking a question. If there isn’t a question that is listed here you can feel free to ask it. But if the question is the same ones from here, your question will be deleted.


Where can I get a good coffee nearby my campus?

Here are the list of campuses and places where you can buy a good coffee.

City campus and Business campuses:

* 65 degrees cafe

* Di Bella stand at Queen Victoria Market (only opened on market days. At other times you can go the Di Bella Roasting warehouse and cafe in North Melbourne)

* AIX Creperie Salon

* Verb Cafe (its in Newmarket outside the Newmarket railway station about 10 mins from city)

* Jasper @ Prahran Market

* Market lane coffee @ Queen Victoria Market

* Nespresso has free coffee samples all the time.


Brunswick campus

* Crumbs Organic cafe in Ascot Vale

* Little Byrd cafe in Ascot Vale

* Rusty duck Larder in Moonee Ponds


Bundoora campus

* Cerezo deli