FAQ Customs

       These questions and answers are written so that there are not too many of the same question all over my blog. You should definitely read these before asking a question. If there isn’t a question that is listed here you can feel free to ask it. But if the question is the same ones from here, your question will be deleted.



1)      How many hours can I work a week whilst on a student visa?

You can only work 20 hours a week during the semester. However during the semester breaks you can work full time. If you breach this condition then your visa may be cancelled.


2)      If I want to bring food into Australia do I need to declare it?

Yes you do need to declare it. Failure to declare all foods, may result in a fine of $220 or more.



3)      What about if I bring money into Australia? How much can I bring without the need to declare it?

You can bring as much money as you wish, but monies of more than $10000 needs to be declared at Customs. As a student it is recommended that you have about $50000 for a year. Part time jobs are hard to find in Melbourne and some things are very expensive. You’ll need some money for rent and food as well as bills. Check out my yearly budget post for some ideas as to how much things are. Some money should be put into a bank account though. You can start applying for one and putting some money into to that overseas.