RMIT city campus

The city campus is located right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Here most students prefer to catch the train (Melbourne Central station is just across the road), tram or bus into the city as there is limited parking at the RMIT city campus. You can park in neighbouring car parks but it is expensive.

Here the City campus houses everything. It has the housing, disability, international services as well as the library, student union, sports and recreation and link arts.  The student union runs weekly events at the city campus and there is always a fortnightly market day. You can swing by Bowen st and pick up some of the goods such as clothes, hats etc. A lot of student clubs reside here at the main campus.

There are also the free drinks with friends events happening weekly during semester.

There is two cafes. One of them is Pearsons and Murphys and the other one is the main caf in Building 8 level 4.  The main caf has a coffee shop, Realfoods and some other cheap but really bad food areas.

Need to study?

There are a few libraries around the area. One of them is on the main campus in Building 8 level 5. Here this area is really big with a few computers around and during the semester they are open from 8am-10pm-12amish.

Every semester they run some searching and End note classes for new students. This is just to help you out.

You can bring cold food into the library, but no hot food or drinks.

But what if the library is full then where do I go?

You can study at the State library or at the city library. The State library is just across the road from the city campus and they are open from 10am-6pm weekdays and most weekends.

The state library does provide lockers but at a cost of $4 per day per locker.

And there is a Mr tulk cafe nearby.

Readings bookshop is located in the state library.

Some places that you can hang out near the city campus:

1) Planation- cheap $2.50 coffee for RMIT students and free wi-fi. What more can you ask for!

2) Cupcake central- here they do lovely cupcakes to get you through the day as well as a lovely mocha and you can sit and watch the world go by.

3) Mad Mex- in the mood for a tequilla or a beer? Here you can enjoy some cheap $5- $7 beers as well as eat good Mexican food for an affordable price at the friendly pub look a like.