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Coffee @ Starbucks in Bourke St

I went to Starbucks in Bourke st on my way to the tram stop to go to Bundoora. I had to wait for some time for the tram so I ducked into Starbucks. I was also enticed by the sign saying Orange Mochaccino now available. So I went in and bought that ($4.90 for a tall) and a gluten free cookie ($2.95).
Starbucks is moving to a new location in the cbd. The last trading day in the old location is today. The guys working there were fast and efficient and they had a lot of people. Some of them were old customers from the nearby Delifrance, which by the way has been closed for some time.
Starbucks roast their own coffee and they sell the coffee beans by the bag. They also sell coffee equipment and mugs.
The coffee had plenty of flavour to it. I loved the orange zest on the top, but it was a little too sweet for me. I like my mochas to be a little less sweet. I couldn’t quite taste the coffee beans in there.
I did like the cookie, it was very healthy and filling. It was not too sweet which was good and it was made locally.

someone else’s hot drink which looked good with all the cream

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Gloria Jeans @ Melbourne Central

I went to the new Gloria Jeans in Melbourne Central. I know that I promised some of my friends that I wasn’t going to but the open spaces really enticed me. The lovely jars of biscuits also enticed me to try this out.
It was a really rainy day and I felt like hot chocolate. I thought nothing makes me happier than a hot chocolate, so I went to this newly opened Gloria Jeans in Melbourne Central.
The guy working there looked a bit droopy and a little bit sad and lonely that he was working there alone. For the past few days I saw him working alone when I passed him on my way to RMIT.

I had of course, a hot chocolate and a yoyo.
My hot chocolate was $4.45. It tasted a little bit burnt, but not too sweet. The yoyo ($1.90) was a bit too crumbly but it melted in my mouth.
Maybe when things settled a bit I might come back. It only has been opened for a few days, maybe a week now.
I did go there again this time to try their mocha. It was free and this time they had more staff and the guy was actually really friendly. There was not too much foam on the mocha but it just ok.

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