$4 coffee/hot choc deal at bread and butter

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My mini apple strudel which normally costs $2.50 each

Went to Bread and Butter today, feeling like a coffee. I have seen this place before in passing. They are a bakery specializing in cakes and strudels (A strudel is a German dessert). They only take cash only.
I had the $4 special of a bun/strudel and hot chocolate. They will make the drink for you using a portable stand with a coffee machine (as displayed at the front of the store).  Here you can choose the bun or strudel that you want with the drink. They have some amazing big buns that will fill you up. They have savoury or sweet buns. Also they have half loaves of bread for $1.80 each and bags of nuts for $4.90 each.
But I went for the strudel. The strudel was nice and custardy with little bits of fruit in the middle. The hot chocolate didn’t have much foam in it and was not sweet enough.  Here I really like sweet chocolate. It also was not milky enough.
I would come back here only just to have their buns or cakes. Although this is expensive this is a much better place than Breadtop. I’d come here now to buy their bread instead of Breadtop.