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Convent bakery

It was a lovely sunny day and I was in the mood to head down to the Convent bakery. Here they bake their own breads and pastries and distribute it to some of the shops in Melbourne. They also ground their own coffees. I didn’t have a chance to sample them today but will do that next time I visit.

It was packed full of people and there were queues and queues of people with their kids. Some people brought their dogs, which are by the way welcome at the Convent.

They are featured in the Entertainment book with a 25% off the total bill deal. Because I was a solo diner I was not allowed to use the offer.

But I did have a chance to sample some of their organic fare. There were quite a lot of vegetarian dishes on the menu.
I had the baked borlotti beans and toast ($9.50), lime sorbet ($4) and a green tea ($3.50 for two pots- one with water and the other with tea). I felt like a vegetarian meal rather than sandwiches, given that I had quite a few just recently. I was in the mood for brunch.
The tea came out first. The borlotti beans took ages to come out. I had to wait half an hour whilst surrounding tables got their meals first. Those that came in after me got their meals first, which was unfair.
My bread, which was Dench bread, was lovely. But the borlotti beans was far and few. Given the amount of sauce there wasn’t a lot of beans in them. It was hard to eat it as there was no spoon provided. The sauce was a little bland. Some tomatoes in it would be nicer.
But the sorbet was really nice. It came in a massive cup and was nice and refreshing.
I’d come back here to try their coffees, chips (which by the way looked really attractive) and their sandwiches. And maybe with Big Fil if he wants to explore with me.

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Breadtop at QV

Breadtop is a fairly cheap student bakery run by Chinese. They are a bakery chain found all over Melbourne and maybe in Sydney too.

Here they various cakes, desserts, breads and ice cream. They have little tubs of ice cream for $3.30. You can buy some bread and cakes to take home. The whole cakes there are about $30-$50 depending on the cake that you buy. They bake all of their stuff on site and you can see them baking and preparing things. There is a tv screen where the cashier is so that you can see how they make their cakes and desserts.
They have an eat in section as well as a takeaway section. Here you choose your breads from the cabinet and take it to the counter and pay for it. If you want coffee or a slice of cake you just order it.
Today I had my favourite triple spring onion roll ($1.80), a green bean ball ($0.70), a long black ($3.00) and a strawberry sponge cake ($4.00). These were not bad for the price that I paid. Even though the coffee was huge, it was a bit meh and I think that it wasn’t mixed properly. All the coffee granules sat at the bottom.
The sponge cake was really soft and nice. I didn’t quite get the bottom bit where it was made out of biscuit. I loved the fresh strawberries on top and inside the cake.
The green bean ball was a bit soft, but flavoursome.
The triple spring onion is still my favourite. This is a good lunchtime option. I loved the spring onion on top and this is bake fresh everyday.

Lunch at Threshermans Bakehouse and dessert at Brunettis

I went for lunch at Threshermans Bakehouse. I have read that this bakehouse is famous in Melbourne. This place is about five minutes walk away from Melbourne Uni and the Melbourne Uni tram stop. You can take any tram that goes to Melbourne Uni and get off at the terminus. From RMIT city campus it is about 10 minutes by tram.

You probably can’t see the ant on the floor but it was there! I took a picture of this just to show you how bad their hygiene is here. They also had a dirt mark on one of their cups and another on one of their forks.

The plate’s probably too big for the quiche

Here at Threshermans everything is baked on site everyday. All the meals threr are less then $10, hence it is only cash only. You can buy cakes and breads to take home. A bowl of salad is $4. The cake pieces are huge and they are between $2-$4. Here they have gluten free muffins and meals. There is also a huge selection of vegetarian meals.
Here it is a bit cramped because of the way that the communal tables are placed.
The lady with the brown teeth was pleasant, but the guy that served me when I asked for more water for my tea gave me a dirty look. Here’s a tip for you sir: next time when I ask you for more water, don’t give me a dirty look like as if my dog just peed on your lawn.
Today I had a small chickpea and greek salad ($4), a mini quiche ($0.70) and a green tea ($3 or $4?). The green tea was the Chinese sort and was a bit meh.
But what I did like was the salad and the quiche. The quiche was a little bit soggy, but the filling was nice. The salads were freshly done and I liked the fact that they did not have any dressing in it. The feta cheese was not too crumbly which was nice.
When I went to the toilet… I noticed the ant on the floor. Here’s another tip: CLEAN YOUR TOILETS before people can use them.
No visit to Carlton is complete without Italian dessert. So I went across the road to a place called “Brunettis”. This is my favourite place in Carlton. By the way Carlton does not feel the same without Borders. Borders has closed and so there is a bit of an emptiness about it.
Brunettis is a must visit place for all visitors to Melbourne. They are known for their sweet cakes and coffees. Here I had a cake and ice cream sampler that was about $13.50. In this sampler I had a tiramisu ice cream, cannelloni, Tiramisu macaroon and a fruit tart. These are small bite sizes, but I loved it all.   The tiramisu was yummy and not too coffee like. The hazelnut cake is lovely. It is annoying how I had to go to another counter to get my ice cream.

The tiramisu macaroon is not as nice as the one in Cacao. Here this one is a little bit too crumbly and didn’t have much flavour to it.
The fruit tart was just ok.
No kudos to the waitress who did not smile when she took my order and who then had to ask someone else about my tiramisu ice cream and then told me to pay for it and get it elsewhere within the cafe. They should serve it straightaway and I should be allowed to pay for it altogether.
I would recommend this as a good place to visit. You should at least visit Lygon st once during your studies. There are lots of Italian restaurants and eateries here.
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laurent bakery

I went to Laurent Bakery for lunch. It is featured in this years Entertainment book under the takeaway section.
Here they are a French bakery selling freshly made cakes and breads all under $15. Like Brunetti’s in Myer all the breads and sweets are on display and you can select one.They are really good for their macaroons but I hadn’t had a chance to try them. Maybe next time. But they are not cheap. The area is quite open and airy with two levels of dining. I have seen it a few times, but never got a chance to try it.
The lady smiled and was really friendly, but the man not so much. I think he was a bit rushed off his feet at the drink station.

Here’s what I had: pumpkin soup ($9.50), creme brulee ($6.50) and a green tea ($5.00). The pumpkin soup was nice and creamy and was plated nicely with a small $0.70 bread roll.
The pumpkin soup was really creamy and was freshly made. I could taste the pumpkin bits in it. It does not have MSG in it.
The bread roll all though small was freshly made.
The creme brulee was plated very nicely the way how they do it on Masterchef. I think that they have a masterchef in the kitchen who does all of this. However it did taste a bit more like pannacotta than it did like creme brulee. The vanilla bean stick did the favor in the dessert. I would have liked the crumbly bits to be at the bottom rather than the top, because i kept on making a mess trying to get to the creamy stuff.
All in all I would come back here with my library group as they would really like this and there’s plenty of seating for everyone.
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a visit to south Melbourne and the exam venue

Today I decided to do a dry run through to the exam venue (which by the way is Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre in Albert park not at RMIT). I decided to do this test run to know how long it takes for me to get to the venue and where it is. And parking there is not cheap as I found out last time when I helped the Student Union with their exam support stall out there. I also wanted to know if there were any nearby shops and cafes around. I don’t want to eat at the Aquatics Centre, because the food there tastes really bad and like a dogs breakfast. When I was there last time I had a disgusting egg sandwich. Besides they don’t stock any healthy foods. And even if they do it would be expensive.

Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre
It took me around 20-25 mins to get there by tram number 96 from the city. On the way I passed South Melbourne Market. The exam venue is located in zone 1. I got off at Wright st station and it was right in front of the station.

South Melbourne Market
On the way to Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre last time I passed the South Melbourne Market and some of the South Melbourne cafes. I went in a car with Student Union.
This time I was eager to see what the South Melbourne Market had and how much meals were there. South Melbourne Market is about 5-10 mins by tram or by car from the exam venue and is in zone 1. There is free two hour parking there. But the only problem is that they are only open from 8am-4pm Wednesday through to Sunday. The people there are really lovely. I got one of South Melbourne’s famous Dim Sims (or Dimmies as they call them) for $1.60. They were really good, not like the ones at the local takeaway shops. They were really flavoursome and juicy, not dry like the ones that you get in the takeaway shops.

The flower shop

The fruit stalls

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There are also $5 Vietnamese Bread rolls and loads of good salads. There’s also a few coffee shops that brew their own coffee beans. The coffees there are always really freshly made. I didn’t get the chance to try these as I was full from my Dim Sim. There’s two or three organic places there that sell fresh food and groceries. There lots of cheap grocery places as well as lots of fresh food. I got two juicy mandarins for $0.50 altogether.
I got to try out one of the cheese there and found it to be really creamy.

The old paper shop deli
After South Melbourne Market I then ventured out on to Claredon st to see what good places I can find for coffee and lunch. There are heaps of them. There is even a Coles there. Claredon st is about 15-20 mins by tram 112 from Collins st in the city. And it is also about 5-10 mins from Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre by car or by the 112 tram going to the city. The Max Brenners there looked really quiet. Maybe they were just really bad or maybe closed?
The place that really interested me the most is the Old paper shop deli. I loved the name of the shop. It reminded me of the good old times and it also implied that the food is fresh and homecooked. I was not wrong. I read that they have been around for 20 years. I thought that this is a proper bakery, but it is a cake shop that serves lunch and breakfast. Many students hang out here because it is affordable.
Here I had a huge hot chocolate ($3.80) and a vegetable sandwich with a mushroom salad ($15). The serves here are big. This is big enough to feed two people with small appetites. Although they used fresh vegetables I was not a fan of the salad. They have used waay too much chilli sauce and I could not taste the flavours of the vegetables. A bottom half of my sandwich was soaked in the dressing. I did like the sandwich though. It was really nice, but I think that they could have put a little less cheese in it.

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What I had for lunch

All in all it was a great experience and I would love to visit there again. Students if you are going to Melbourne Sports and Aquatics centre to do your exams, I suggest coming to South Melbourne for lunch. It is much cheaper and healthier and your body will thank you for it!

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