Dining at Bali Bagus

Bali Bagus is a place that is commonly raved and reviewed by students. This place was packed tonight and I got there by 6pm.
There was one big group in there and a couple of smaller groups.
Bali Bagus is an Indonesian and Malaysian place, popular with Asian students and the like. It is on Franklin st in the city opposite Miss Libertines. Across the road, Miss Libertines was really noisy. But in here it is not too bad, and with the noise cancelling walls it is not too noisy. In fact I can only just hear the music and the conversations around me.

I had my Clumff card which I got at the start of the year when I bought my RMIT Asian Association Membership for $20. Here I can get a free drink with any main meal and today I got the ice milk tea. I have never tried this before but it is really popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. The tea tasted a little strange with milk, but was not too bad. It could have been a little bit sweeter and not so strong. I would have liked to have Cendol, but it was not free.
I had the Mi Goreng ($8.50) with fried egg (an extra $1.20). I got the fried egg on the recommendation of Eat and be merry for tomorrow we diet. The mi goreng was nice with the egg, but I would have liked a bigger and more plumper fried egg.
That’s not to say that I didn’t like the mi goreng. In fact I liked it so much that I finished the whole plate. What’s more I liked the garlic chips. I have never tried this before, but they are really nice. I want to know where I can buy them. I think that it is only from the asian shops, but if you have some recommendations please let me know.
I would love to come here with the library group one day for dinner at one of their dinner meetings.

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